Paving method and precautions of SPC floor?

  It is often said that SPC floor has high requirements for construction floor, so what should be paid attention to during installation? Today, enmanson SOC manufacturer explained the installation requirements of SPC floor specifically to you.

  The construction of the floor has a high demand on the base, the quality of the ground affects and determines the construction effect and use performance of SPC floor.

  As it is a non natural material, it has high requirements for the base floor. When laying the floor, the base must be flat, solid and dry (the flatness requirement is to use a two meter guiding rule and wedge feeler gauge to measure the deviation within 3mm);

  Basic requirements for the ground: the cement ground surface shall be free of sand. Ground hardness: the volume ratio of cement and mortar in the leveling layer shall be less than 1:3. It is required to use large factory cement. The strength grade of cement concrete shall not be less than C20, and the surface hardness shall not be less than 2MPa. Check the surface hardness and file the ground with a sharp Shorty, without trace or groove.

  The surface of the plastic floor is smooth, the internal and external corners are square, there is no edge dropping, there is no oil, dust and impurities. Surface smoothness of the ground: the surface of the ground foundation shall be smooth and flat, and "troweling and finishing" is required (that is, the mortar layer such as the iron trowel of a mason shall be used for slurry collection and troweling when it is not dry). )

  Ground cracks: if there are cracks in the foundation settlement, the width of the cracks shall not exceed 1.0mm. Ground compactness: the surface of the ground shall not be too rough, there shall not be too many pores, not to mention holes and potholes. The surface of the ground shall be flat and smooth.

  Surface humidity: the water content of the ground foundation is less than 8%, and the surface shall be dry before construction. Ground elevation: the height from the bottom edge of the door to the ground will not affect the opening of the door due to the tiling of the floor.

  No cross construction: no cross construction shall be carried out during self leveling construction and floor pasting, and no damage shall be caused to self leveling and floor by any other type of work. It is better to make a layer of self leveling for a more beautiful pavement, and it needs to be well maintained in daily life.

  Before the SPC floor pavement, it is necessary to do a good job of installation preparation. Only when it is done well in the early stage can it be better installed. Some problems in the installation process are mainly meticulous, serious and do not let go of any problems. Enmansenspc flooring manufacturers recommend to find a professional installation engineer to install, although the price will be higher, but it will be very reassuring.

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