Paving method and precautions of SPC floor

  The main raw material of SPC wood floor is vinyl, which is a non-toxic renewable energy source for environmental protection. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as kitchen utensils, liquid delivery pipe bags of medical equipment, etc., and its thermal insulation is not to be worried. The key ingredient of SPC wood floor (stone plastic floor) is natural stone powder. There is no formaldehyde and middle Scripture in the test, and it is also a new low-carbon and environmental protection floor building decoration material.

  SPC wood floor has a thickness of 3.2mm-7mm, with a net weight of only 9kg per square meter. It has incomparable advantages for door load and indoor space saving in multi-storey buildings. In addition, it has unique advantages in the secondary interior decoration and renovation, and is more suitable for the transformation of second-hand houses.

  Installation requirements

  1. The construction of wooden floor has a high requirement for rural grass-roots, and the quality of the ground is harmful. The actual effect and performance index of SPC wooden floor are determined.

  2. Because it is an unnatural stone with high requirements on the epoxy floor of the rural base, the rural base must be leveled, firm and dry when the wood floor is paved (the flatness requirement is to use a 2m level ruler and a wedge micrometer to accurately measure the error within 3mm);

  3. Ground foundation regulation: the cement ground surface layer shall not have sand rising condition. Ground strength: the volume ratio of plastering concrete and cement mortar shall be less than 1:3. It is specified that large factory concrete shall be used. The compressive strength grade of concrete shall not be lower than C20, and the surface strength shall not be lower than 2MPa. Check the strength of the soil layer and file the ground with a sharp short file without leaving any trace or groove.

  4. The floor surface shall be smooth and clean without edge dropping, oil stain, dust and residue. Glossiness of the surface of the ground: the basic surface of the ground shall be smooth and level, and "troweling and finishing" shall be specified (that is to say, when the cement mortar layer such as the iron scraper of the bricklayer is not dry, the slurry collection and troweling shall be carried out. )

  5. Ground gap: the gap caused by concrete crack shall not exceed 1.0mm in total width. Ground compactness: the surface of the ground shall not be excessively unsmooth, have excessive porosity, or have holes and potholes. The surface of the ground shall be leveled and smooth.

  6. Environmental humidity of soil layer: the basic water content of the ground is less than 8%, and the soil layer shall be kept dry before construction. Ground design elevation: the ratio of height to width from the bottom of the door to the ground is not easy to damage the opening of the door due to the tiling of wood floor.

  7. No cross project construction: there shall be no cross project construction during the construction period of cement self leveling project and wood floor bonding period, and all other technical types of work shall ensure that the wrong cement self leveling and wood floor cause damage. In order to lay a more beautiful and generous layer of cement self leveling, the actual effect is stronger. In addition, its surface is easy to be burned by cigarette butts, so it needs to be well maintained in daily life.

  The color film of SPC wood floor adopts super clear printing technology, which can completely show the lines and beautiful patterns of the wood floor; the patterns and patterns of SPC wood floor are very colorful, which can better meet the needs of everyone and the overall design requirements of anti pollution.

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