Privacy Statement

First of all, thank you for your support to KINGUP manufacturers!
KINGUP manufacturers promise to protect the information of each customer. Privacy is your important right. Providing your personal information to us is based on the trust in the website. Please rest assured that the information you provide to us will only be used to help us provide you with better services. Without your legal requirements or your permission, the KINGUP website will never disclose your personal information to unrelated third parties.

The privacy protection statement of KINGUP website is the commitment of this website to protect the personal privacy of users. In view of the character of the network, this website will inevitably have a direct or indirect interactive relationship with you. Therefore, we hereby state the policies of collection, use and protection of this website for user personal information. Please read carefully:

1. When you register information, bid and negotiate, or trade on the KINGUP website, with your consent and confirmation, this website will ask you to provide some personal information, such as name, Email and communication methods.

2. The KINGUP website will strictly manage and protect the information you provide. The website will use corresponding technology to prevent your personal data from being lost, misappropriated or tampered with.

3. Due to the need of technical statistics, your web browser will indicate the operating system and type of your browser, and we may also record the domain name and IP address of customers. By collecting the above information, we will count passenger traffic and so as to improve the management and service of the website. We absolutely guarantee that the information obtained will only be used for trend analysis and statistics.

4. And we promise that we will never disclose your personal information without your explicit consent. On the KINGUP website, you can control over your personal data to the greatest extent, and you have the right to request to change or delete your personal information at any time.

5. If a government agency requires the website to public personal information in accordance with legal procedures, this website will provide personal data at the request of law enforcement agencies or for public safety purposes. The website is exempt from any disclosure in this case. The right to modify and update the privacy protection statement of the website belongs to KINGUP manufacturers.

The final interpretation of this website's privacy statement is owned by KINGUP manufacturers.