Process flow and installation tutorial of SPC stone plastic flooring

  SPC lock floor process flow:

  Step 1: mix

  Automatic metering according to the proportion of raw materials → hot mixing of high-speed mixer (hot mixing temperature: 125℃, which is used to make all kinds of materials mix evenly and eliminate the moisture in the materials)→ cold mixing (cool down the materials to prevent agglomeration and discoloration, cold mixing temperature: 55℃)→ by cooling the materials mixed evenly;

  Step 2: extrusion

  Add twin screw extruder, heat extruder → into the sheet die head extrusion molding, forming the sheet

  After four roll calender, the base material thickness → stick color film → stick wear-resistant layer → cool → cut;

  Step 3: UV tempering

  Surface UV→ tempering (tempering hot water temperature: 80~120℃; Cold water temperature: 10℃)

  Step 4: cut the groove

  Slitting, grooving, trimming, chamfering, inspection, packing

  SPC lock floor installation tutorial

  Process of plastic floor installation 1. Fix the wooden keel: lay the wooden keel evenly on the cement floor, and advocate that the distance of each keel is 30cm. Use electric drill to lead hole on keel, the diameter of lead hole cannot be less than screw diameter, screw into the well drilled hole again, the keel is fixed on the cement ground, nail head should be all turned into the keel, do not expose, otherwise may lead to uneven floor layout. (2) can avoid glue shop outfit common level mouth aggrandizement wood floor USES adhesive connection when the shop is installed, but adhesive contains the chemical composition such as formaldehyde, with much easy to cause indoor pollution, with little afraid connection is not firm.

  2, fixed the top piece of the floor: each piece of plastic wood floor around the two sides do not have Yin and Yang groove. When the shop installs a piece of floor of the top of a list, can use carpentry thing to the top of a list the Yang groove outside floor cent saws off perhaps grind go, use electric drill to lead a hole in the appearance of the floor next, open screw into nail, fix its on keel.

  3, fix the second floor: the second piece of plastic wood floor Yang slot stuck the first piece of the floor Yin slot bearing, and then in the second piece of floor Yang slot side appearance electric drill lead hole, screw into the screw will be fixed on the keel, screw distance can be in the process of the device by the construction personnel control, do not need to be too thick, to ensure that the firm line. Next the installation of floor of floor of face model is same as in front, need not do explanation more. We believe that under the joint efforts of many plastic floor practitioners, the original pattern of the floor in the domestic home decoration market will eventually change.

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