Purchase knowledge of SPC lock floor

  According to the different lock, the laminate floor sold in the market can be divided into single lock, three lock and four lock floor. The biggest characteristic of locked floor is to prevent the floor joint from cracking. Floor latch is firm, stable and durable, mainly in chamfering area and locking angle as well as machining accuracy, base material toughness and other factors. As long as the structure of single lock is reasonable, it can prevent the floor joint from breaking.

  The area and angle of multiple locks in the chamfer may not achieve the desired goal, and such a result may backfire. Based on the existing multi lock form of composite floor, the buckle floor developed according to the geometry and mechanics principle is improved, and the floor is fastened, fastened and not easy to bend. Lock floor has high requirements on production equipment, processing technology, substrate performance, etc. generally, small factories do not produce it.