PVC floor construction technology and process

  As for the construction technology of PVC floor, this is very complicated, and what needs to be done is very complicated.

  Generally speaking, it is important to know some basic information and precautions about PVC floor before use, because the object characteristics of PVC floor are different, and the construction process and process adopted also have many special points to pay attention to.

  Next, enmanson SPC floor net will introduce the construction technology and process of PVC floor according to its own understanding.

  Tools and raw materials

  Square, scraper, solder gun, nylon roller, interface agent, PVC floor, art props, adhesive, duster, etc.

  Construction process

  Step 1: simple treatment of base surface (keep good working surface)

  1. Clean the working surface that needs to be installed on the wall, ceiling, doors and windows, and keep it clean.

  2. It is better to clean up some sand, oil dirt and leftovers on the surface of the base surface with water.

  3. After cleaning, apply the interface agent evenly once. For the convenience of the following steps.

  Step 2: brief construction

  1. First, check the self leveling to see if the cement meets the basic requirements of PVC floor construction. The expired cement must not be used, which will have a great impact on the effect.

  2. After the quality of the self leveling is determined, the self leveling can be poured into the solvent to dilute for a while, and then it can be used after reaching a certain degree of dilution. Generally, the self leveling can only be used after reaching the flow too much.

  3. Pour the self leveling into the ground, touch evenly, and make the thickness reach about 3mm.

  4. Within 5 hours of self leveling construction, it is not allowed to enter the working surface or stack other articles.

  Step 3: place the horizontal line

  1. According to the design drawings, simple separation and snapping line positioning shall be carried out for the floor specification and room size.

  2. On the base course of the base surface, draw diagonal lines and arrange them according to the PVC floor until they are suitable.

  Step 4: PVC floor construction and installation

  1. First wipe the base layer of the ground with a rag to keep the PVC floor clean and dust.

  2. Evenly apply toothed tools such as adhesive and art knife to the base plate. Then lay the PVC floor in the order arranged, and then compact it.

  3. After laying the PVC floor, it is necessary to use the soldering gun to weld between the boards according to the dry and clean conditions at that time.

  4. During welding, pay attention to the control of temperature, generally adjust it to 180 ℃ to 250 ℃. Do not pay attention to PVC floor scratch and other operations.

  Summary: the above is the brief introduction of PVC floor and PVC floor construction process brought by enmanson SPC floor net. The introduction is only a simple process of PVC floor. The actual situation will be different. If there are specific problems, you can contact enmanson floor net!

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