Recommended hardwood flooring for kitchen

  Laying the floor in the kitchen will cause many people a headache. I don't know which floor to choose. After all, the overall environment of the kitchen is quite special. It is designed to be waterproof, non slip and even clean. Today, enmansen floor manufacturers recommend which kind of floor to choose for the kitchen!

  Let's start with hardwood. Hardwood flooring will never go out of style. This is the definition of a classic look. Hardwood will add warmth to your kitchen, almost any finish you can think of. Not only that, if you want to update the kitchen, you can also polish and dye the floor to adapt to the updated appearance.

  However, like hardwood flooring, they are the most expensive choice for kitchen flooring. Although hardwood is known for its durability in high flow areas, its ability to resist water, heat and moisture is not known, which is all that the kitchen can easily do.

  Advantages of hardwood floor in kitchen

  Not out of date: your kitchen will never look tacky or out of date. You may one day regret the V-shaped herringbone wallpaper, but you will never regret the hardwood floor.

  Durable: hardwood is very suitable for high flow areas, you can choose the thickness for longer durability!

  Can be patched: depending on the thickness of the hardwood, they can be sanded and patched to give an updated look without having to replace the entire floor.

  Great for open plan: if you have open plan, then hardwood is your friend. You can use hardwood in the kitchen and living room to achieve a seamless transition from one room to another.

  Disadvantages of kitchen hardwood floor

  Changes in temperature and humidity can damage floors: like durable hardwood floors, moisture is not their friend. Changes in humidity and humidity can cause the floor to warp or even crack. You can use a moisture barrier to solve this problem, but it will increase the cost.

  It may be difficult to clean: remember what I said about moisture? You must make sure that there is no water on the floor.

  More expensive option: hardwood is beautiful! But it comes at a price. With the addition of additives to protect kitchen floors from moisture, you may find that flooring costs more than expected.

  Limited type of installation: since hardwood is prone to moisture, it can only be installed on the ground or under the plywood floor above the ground. If you buy thinner hardwood, you can stick it to the concrete, but in the long run, the durability is poor.

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