[reference] China's top 10 RVP floor ranking, introduction to RVP floor ranking

  Floor is an indispensable main material in our decoration process, but many consumers can't help but ask, what are the top ten Chinese floor rankings? Professional floor engineers will introduce the top ten Chinese floor rankings to you next, which can provide reference for the purchasers who want to purchase RVP floor, let's have a look.

  Top 10 flooring in China

  As an indispensable part of home decoration, most of the consumers choose flooring by brand. The top ten Chinese flooring brands are a concern of many consumers who want to buy Flooring,

  China's top ten flooring: Chinese flooring

  Huaxia floor is a Chinese brand, 500 value brands and 10 brands of floor. Huaxia group was founded in 1995. After years of development, Shengxiang floor has a high degree in the industry. It is one of the first floor brands among the top 500 real estate developers in China.

  Enmanson flooring: the top ten flooring in China

  Enmanson flooring is located in Nanxun, Zhejiang, the capital of wood flooring. There are more than 1200 stores in China. As the leader of environmental protection flooring, enmanson flooring has more than ten raw material supply bases around the world. From the collection of raw materials to the molding of products, each process is striving to be perfect and refined. Among more than 400 wood flooring enterprises in Nanxun, the annual sales volume ranks the top three.

  Top 10 flooring in China: del flooring

  Deloitte Flooring Co., Ltd. is a Sino Gardner joint venture controlled by China. In the floor behavior, Deloitte flooring has imported advanced production equipment and technology from Germany, Italy and other countries. With years of experience, it has become one of the global competitive enterprises.

  China's top ten floor: feilinger floor

  Feilinger flooring, founded in 1912, is a brand of Shanghai feilinger Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Feilinger has a high degree in the flooring industry. It is managed by German technology in the whole process and won the title of "top ten Chinese flooring brands in 2012".

  China's top ten flooring: nature flooring

  Nature flooring is one of China's 500 value brands and Chinese brands. Since 2001, the company has become one of the key wood flooring enterprises in Asia. The sales volume of the products ranks the top in the same industry, and won the top ten brands of Chinese flooring in 2012.

  Top 10 flooring in China: living home flooring

  Founded in 1996, living home is one of China's 500 value brands. It has living home floor production bases in Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places. The solid wood composite floor, solid wood floor and laminate floor produced by living home brand are popular with consumers.

  China's top ten floor: Shengda floor

  Shengda floor is a brand of Shengda Forestry Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, it has production bases in Qingbaijiang, Wenjiang, Pudong and other places in Chengdu, and its enterprise strength is quite strong. It has been rated as one of China's top ten famous trademarks and flooring brands for many times.

  Top 10 flooring in China: Anxin flooring

  Anxin floor is a brand of Anxin Weiguang (Shanghai) Wood Co., Ltd. and one of the large-scale transnational wood enterprises. As a leading brand, Anxin floor products are not only of high quality, but also practical. In 2012, it was awarded the top ten brands of China's top ten boards.

  China's top 10 flooring: hongnai flooring

  Hongnai floor is a 500 brand with value in China. Hongnai has a high reputation in the industry, which is deeply favored by the market and recognized by the majority of consumers. After several years of development, hongnai floor has become a Chinese brand, a well-known trademark in China, and a top 10 brand of floor.

  Top 10 Chinese flooring: Kendia flooring

  Kendia flooring is a Chinese brand and a well-known trademark in China. It is a brand of Jiangsu kendiya Wood Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2003. After several years of hard development, Kendia floor occupies an important position in the industry, and it is a famous brand in the board industry in China, one of the top ten brands of floor.

  The above is the top ten Chinese flooring ranking introduced by professional flooring engineers. Among the top ten Chinese flooring ranking, holy elephant flooring, peace of mind flooring, del flooring, feilinger flooring, nature flooring, etc. are all brands worth purchasing. In addition, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the floor Oh, the maintenance of the floor can extend its service life.

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