Requirements of SPC floor installation on the ground

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor belongs to PVC plastic floor. Its name is easy to lead to misunderstanding. When talking about SPC floor, you think of plastic floor. Many people will mix SPC floor and PVC floor. Plastic tape is harmful to human body. However, SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor and plastic are not the same thing in essence. SPC floor is also called polyethylene floor. Polyethylene is a renewable resource without toxicity in environmental protection. Vinyl has been widely used in people's diet for a long time, such as kitchen supplies, liquid delivery pipe bags of medical equipment, etc. its fire resistance is not to be worried.

  The key component of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is natural stone powder, which will not contain formaldehyde and other heavy metals after the inspection by the authority, and it is a new green and environmental protection ground building material. SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor has no harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene which are common in other decoration materials, and no heavy metals. It belongs to green environmental protection decoration materials and is not easy to cause all hazards to human body.

  The installation requirements of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor are as follows:

  1. Basic requirements for ground pavement: fine stone concrete, terrazzo floor, floor tile, marble and wood floor can be paved immediately.

  2. Ground flatness requirements: Cement self leveling or leveling the ground.

  3. Floor cleanliness level requirements: floor waste, stones, etc., to ensure that no residue can be removed.

  4. Basic requirements for the ground: generally fine aggregate concrete can be paved immediately after passing the flatness.

  5. Ground clearance requirements: concrete cracks lead to fine clearance can also be construction.

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor, wear resistance is three times that of ordinary wood floor, more splicing and installation styles, more beautiful styles, simple installation, can be repeatedly disassembled and applied to the ground without damage, so it can be reused, reduce the use cost, SPC floor is your reliable choice as a decorative material.

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