Review of rigid core luxury vinyl wood flooring

  Rigid core features

  If you're looking for a beautiful natural looking floor that can withstand the most difficult traffic, the enmansenspc floor with hard core technology may be your dream.

  It uses realistic wood like boards. Or, you can choose tiles that look like natural stone, so it's hard to tell the difference between them.

  The best part - these luxurious vinyl boards and tiles have innovative rigid core technology.

  Rigid core technology is Armstrong's solution to uneven ground.

  Each board has a rigid composite core and a soundproof cork cushion. This technology helps to hide the defects of uneven floor.

  They are simply locked into the hard ground you have. And they don't need to adapt first.

  The flooring is available in a variety of sizes of wood and natural stone, so you can find a look that suits any room. And they're waterproof, so you can even put them in bathrooms and basements.

  You can also rest assured that this kind of floor is safe for your home. Hard core luxury vinyl is floorscore certified and will not affect your indoor air quality.

  So, without any effort, let's check some beautiful floor appearances that can be achieved with enmansen's hard core luxury vinyl flooring.

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