In order to create famous brands, enhance corporate reputation and establish corporate image, Kingup Flooring Co., Ltd. adheres to the spirit of “all pursuit of high quality and customer satisfaction”, with “the most favorable price, the most considerate service and the most reliable product quality”. "The principle is solemnly promised to you:

  First, product quality commitment:

  1. The quality record and test data are available for the manufacture and testing of the products.

  2. For the testing of product performance, we sincerely invite users to inspect the whole process and full performance of the product in person. After the product is confirmed, it will be shipped and shipped.

  Second, product price commitment:

  1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advancement of the products, the selection of the system uses domestic or international high-quality brand-name products.

  2. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide you with the best price at the best price without reducing the technical performance of the products and changing the parts of the products.

  Third, the delivery commitment:

  Product delivery time: As far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements, it needs to be completed in advance, our company can organize production and installation, and strive to meet user needs.

  Fourth, after-sales service commitment:

  1. Service tenet: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

  2, service objectives: service quality wins customer satisfaction

  3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, the supplier can reach the site and start maintenance within 24 hours after receiving the notice.

  4. Service principle: The warranty period of the product is one year. During the warranty period, the supplier will repair and replace the parts and components damaged by quality reasons for free. The parts and components damaged during the warranty period will only be charged for the cost. Equipment damage caused by human factors, the repair or supply of accessories by the supplier are based on cost.