SPC floor daily maintenance guidelines

  SPC floor is laid on the ground, people should pay more attention to maintenance. How to maintain SPC floor? Enmansen spcspc floor will answer for you one by one today.

  1. For a room that does not live for a long time or does not often live in, several basins of water should be put in the room to make up for the water evaporated in the room. In the rainy season in South China, the ventilation should be strengthened, and the indoor environment should not be too dry or too wet, so as to prevent the wood SPC floor from drying, shrinkage or expansion deformation.

  2. Keep the SPC floor dry and clean. Wipe the SPC floor with a wring dry soft wet towel. In the dry areas in the north, wipe the SPC floor with a wet cloth in the dry season. In the humid areas in the south, it is not suitable to wipe the SPC floor with a wet mop or wash it with water directly.

  3. In order to maintain the beauty of SPC floor and extend the service life of paint surface, wax shall be applied once a month or two. Before waxing, the stains shall be wiped clean, and then a layer of SPC floor wax shall be evenly applied on the surface. After it is slightly dry, it shall be wiped with soft cloth until it is smooth and bright.

  4. Prevent the SPC floor from being exposed to strong and lasting sunlight, and prevent the paint from aging and cracking in advance under the ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and prevent the SPC floor from being directly blown and baked by the cold and hot air of household appliances.

  The maintenance method of SPC floor is very simple. It's OK to keep it clean every day. It's not necessary to clean it every day. It's mainly for maintenance. For many installed wooden floors, the maintenance of wooden floor is very complicated, but obviously SPC floor does not have this problem.

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