SPC floor for house renovation

  In the process of urban development, transformation is an essential link, and there are many secondary decoration and transformation of family houses. In the large market of housing transformation, SPC floor is very promising. The main reason is that SPC floor is particularly suitable for the use of houses, mainly because of its characteristics, thin, diverse styles, and very suitable for the transformation of the ground.

  With the change of time, the traditional ceramic tile is not durable, easy to fade, not good-looking and other characteristics. Wooden floor: deflection, insects, edge warping, tide and mildew are emerging day by day, which also gives SPC waterproof floor a lot of opportunities!

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is a kind of zero formaldehyde and environmental friendly decorative material which is widely used in recent years. It has unique advantages in the renovation of old houses

  1. It is not necessary to remove the old floor and porcelain make-up such as crude oil, but can be directly laid on its surface, mainly because the SPC floor is light and thin, and the thickness of the general SPC floor is between 3-7mm, so it will make the house anti new, time-saving, labor-saving, and reduce the comprehensive project cost by about 60%.

  3. It has the advantages of light, thin and safety, and the thickness is about 3-7mm.

  4. When installing SPC floor, do not use special auxiliary materials, because it is mainly installed through lock, so the installation is more convenient.

  5. SPC floor cutting is very convenient, making it faster to catch up with the work period, and improving the labor efficiency by about 50%.

  6. No construction waste, no noise and dust, no impact on neighbors.

  7. The experiment of anti-aging property is 15-20 years, and the service life is long.

  8. SPC floor is rich in style, lifelike in texture, and does not fade. It can mainly show all kinds of imitation natural marble, wood grain and carpet grain.

  9. Waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, suitable for floor heating, more green ecology, more security, more physical and mental health.

  As a new type of building decoration floor material, SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is a good way to deal with the traditional raw materials, such as single color, durability, formaldehyde and other pollution hazards. It is durable, not fading, beautiful and generous, not easy to fall down, safe in production, green and ecological, recyclable.

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