SPC floor introduction

SPC floor is an update and improvement of luxury vinyl wood flooring (LVT wood flooring), and it is the leading product of new flooring products in the future. SPC wood flooring combines the compressive strength of marble with the artistic beauty of wood to bring you multi-faceted solutions for home decoration.

SPC flooring

SPC wood floor is composed of UV coating, wear-resistant layer, SPC printing layer, and SPC base layer. As the backing, you can choose EVA, IXPE foam or cork board. Its advantages include good specification reliability, high tensile strength, low noise when walking, no expansion and contraction, no deformation, 100% moisture resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation Noise reduction and ecological protection. Friendly rigid wooden floor, no hazardous exhaust emissions.

SPC hard vinyl wood flooring, also known as hard vinyl wood board, is designed and developed according to a new technology of a new type of environmentally friendly flooring. This type of wood flooring is 100% aldehyde-free. Unlike laminate flooring, SPC rigid vinyl wood flooring is made of 100% pure PVC.

The PVC abrasion resistant layer, color film and raw material of PVC sheet are heated and laminated together. The whole process is based on lamination based on heat generation without glue. Especially suitable for home, hotel restaurant, hospital clinic, shopping plaza and engineering building.

Why choose SPC wood flooring?

Once installed, the SPC is not only very durable and stable, but also very easy to install. This vinyl floor tile can be installed on a wide variety of wooden floor options, including concrete and porcelain surfaces. If you want convenient, shocking design ideas and long-term durability, then SPC wood flooring is your ideal choice.

In addition to the above benefits, SPC flooring does not contain formaldehyde and has zero pollution. This means that this is the first choice for housing and public floors. No matter if you want to give your home or company, SPC vinyl wood flooring is a very good choice.

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