SPC floor is recommended for hospital floor

  Nowadays, most of the floors used in outpatient service are SPC non slip floors.

  Today's hospital outpatient regulations are environmental protection, no pollution, antibacterial, wear-resistant, and easy to clean. The more favorable the natural price is, the better. Both the outpatient department of the hospital under construction and the outpatient department of the hospital with interior decoration expect to reduce the cost. On the basis of controlling the cost, it can maintain the functions of environmental protection, pollution-free, bacteriostatic and wear-resistant.

  SPC antiskid floor is a new type of lightweight floor building decoration material, also known as "lightweight building materials". It is a popular floor product in Bray America and Asia. So far, it has been widely recognized in the first and second tier cities of many countries, and its application is very common, such as home, hospital clinic, college, office building, processing factory, public place, shopping mall, business service, and other venues. "SPC antiskid floor" refers to the wood floor made of polyethylene based raw materials. In fact, polyethylene and calcium powder are used as the key raw materials, with fillers, stabilizers and other auxiliary materials added. After stirring, the plates are extruded once with high temperature and wear-resistant layer of color film layer, and then the floors are processed by UV treatment, segmentation and other links.

  The safety protection ability of SPC antiskid floor:

  1. SPC anti-skid floor seamless splicing, no formaldehyde, no smell, can provide a pollution-free and other health environment.

  2. The friction resistance of SPC antiskid floor has the function of antiskid and ensures the safety of walking.

  3. The fire-resistant and flame-retardant grade of SPC antiskid floor B1 ensures the safety of patients and doctors.

  4. SPC antiskid floor has very good characteristics of sound insulation, noise reduction and heat insulation.

  SPC antiskid floor is a key part of building hospital outpatient floor decoration. The color of SPC anti-skid floor is rich and colorful, which can be matched and made into floor tiles according to the design scheme and color. According to the design scheme and matching of the pattern and color of SPC anti-skid floor, it is impossible for many other traditional floors to achieve the same, so SPC anti-skid floor is also a kind of interior decoration building materials with infinite creativity.

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