SPC floor maintenance method

  SPC floor is used more and more in family, business, sports hall and other scenes. SPC floor has a life span of more than 20 years. It can be used well in places with high population or in scenes of evil plunder. Durability is a major feature of SPC floor. So how to protect SPC floor for better use and extend its service life?

  Today, enmanson SPC floor manufacturer will introduce the methods of SPC floor maintenance in detail, hoping to help you.

  1. Although the SPC floor with indoor dry humidity is treated to reduce the size change, it will also deform with the change of climate dry humidity. In some areas, in the dry season, especially when the heating is on, the indoor temperature can be adjusted by different methods, such as using humidifier or putting basin water on the heating; in the Yellow mold season, open windows to ventilate and keep the indoor dry.

  2. In the room, try to avoid the sun exposure. When heating in winter, keep a certain distance between the heating appliance and the wood floor surface; prevent the objects with high temperature from heating the floor locally.

  3. For newly decorated houses, the indoor air must be kept in circulation or moved in in in time. Plastic products are not allowed to be used for covering. Paper products with air permeability shall be used as far as possible to maintain the natural temperature and humidity environment.

  4. Avoid damaging the floor surface. SPC floor is a paint surface, which shall avoid hard object impact, sharp tool scratch, metal friction, etc., so as to avoid damaging the floor paint film.

  5. Keep the floor dry and clean during daily use to avoid water accumulation on the floor. If you accidentally pour water to the ground, please dry it in time.

  6. When you go out, please close the doors and windows to avoid damage caused by rain. If it has been wet, dry the floor with a cloth or mop.

  7. When cleaning the floor, do not wash it with water. Generally, vacuum cleaner can be used to remove sundries and dust, or clean it with a clean broom, and then drag it with a wrung mop to make it fresh.

  8. It is not allowed to clean the floor with a cloth soaked with alkaline water and soapy water, so as to avoid damaging the paint film. SPC floor is smooth and free of dust. Clean it with clean water.

  9. If conditions permit, apply floor wax once a year, the effect will be better, and the floor will remain bright as new.

  SPC floor maintenance and other floor maintenance methods are similar, there is not much difference, as long as you can pay more attention to daily, I believe SPC floor can bring you great surprise in the use process. Floor maintenance is like car maintenance. Only regular and regular maintenance can better and safer use the car, so can the floor.

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