SPC floor related issues

  I. what is SPC lock floor?

  SPC lock floor is very in line with the development concept of national green and environmental protection, and its main components are composite materials made of stone powder and PVC in a certain proportion. Then, after plasticizing and extruding the sheet, four roll calendering and hot coating of color film decoration layer and wear-resistant layer, it does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances. It is a 100% formaldehyde free environmental protection floor and a real 0 formaldehyde floor!

  Five questions and five answers of SPC lock floor

  II. Which ground can be paved with SPC lock floor?

  SPC lock floor is required to be flat and elastic when it is paved. In summary, there are three points:

  1. If it is used for rough floor decoration of new house, self leveling shall be done first, and then pavement shall be carried out. Because the ground of the blank room is easy to sand (if it is paved directly, it will be more troublesome for the sand to enter the lock catch of the floor)

  2. If it is applicable to ground renovation, no matter the original ground is composite floor, ceramic tile, marble, wood floor As long as it is not damaged excessively and has obvious concave and convex, it can be directly paved.

  3. When the SPC lock floor is paved, the elasticity of the floor shall be appropriate and not too soft. If you are on the foam mat, you can not build the SPC lock flooring.

  Five questions and five answers of SPC lock floor

  III. SPC lock floor pavement simple?

  SPC lock floor is relatively simple to wood floor, ceramic tile, etc. If it is used for home paving, the area is about 100 square meters, and you can pave by yourself, which can also pave a very ideal effect. But at the beginning of pavement, there are still some difficulties, and the speed of pavement is relatively slow. However, once 10-20 pieces are paved, the key points can be mastered, and the paving speed will be greatly accelerated!

  Five questions and five answers of SPC lock floor

  IV. do you need damp proof mat when paving?

  SPC lock floor has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance because of tight seam, so it is also OK not to pave moisture-proof pad. But if there are conditions, it is recommended to pave it. Because it can make the floor feel better, but also has a certain sound absorption and noise reduction effect, after all, the cost of moisture-proof mat is also very low.

  Five questions and five answers of SPC lock floor

  Why is the price difference so big?

  In fact, the appearance is the same, not really the same. Some SPC lock floor is actually LVT floor, and its cost is lower. The color of the bottom cover and cross section of the SPC lock floor reflects the material used for the floor. The floor with new materials should be beige, or close to beige, with very soft appearance; the floor with recycled materials and mixtures will be black, white, gray or gray with gray in white. The cost of the latter is also lower than that of the former.

  What is floor latch technology?

  The buckle technology is to connect the floor plates in the way of mutual engagement through the mortise around the floor, so as to assemble the floor plates into an integral structural form. Lock technology realizes "self connection" without any external auxiliary parts, and is the most advanced floor structure at present. With the rise of the geothermal floor, after repeated tests, the industry has gradually realized that: lock floor can be directly laid on the floor heating to ensure good heat conduction effect of the geothermal floor; at the same time, lock can greatly improve the stability of the floor.

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