SPC floor supplier: manufacturer of kochengda PVC one step extrusion (SPC) floor production line

Kochengda SPC floor production line manufacturer provides PVC one-step extrusion (SPC) floor production line.

Soft composite board is also the abbreviation of rigid multilayer composite PVC calcium plastic floor

SPC calcium plastic floor is a kind of product which extrudes PVC base material through extruder, uses four roller calender to press PVC color film + PVC wear-resistant layer + PVC bottom film respectively, and is made by pressing and pasting at one time. The process is simple, and the fitting is completed by heat, without glue.

The SPC calcium plastic floor material uses the environmental protection formula, does not contain the heavy metal, phthalate ester, and other harmful substances, and conforms to the standards of EN 14372, en 649-2011, IEC 62321, and GB 4085-83.

SPC calcium plastic floor density: 1.9 ~ 2 tons / m3;

Shrinkage of SPC calcium plastic floor: ≤ 1 ‰ (tempered

(shrinkage test standard: 80 ℃, 6 hours)

SPC calcium plastic floor advantages: SPC floor physical indicators stable and reliable, chemical indicators in line with international standards!

SPC calcium plastic floor shortcomings: SPC floor density, heavy weight, high transportation costs!

SPC calcium plastic floor and WPC floor comparison: SPC floor manufacturing process is simple, low production cost, low return on investment fast!

Main products: PVC bamboo wood fiber wall board, PVC imitation marble board, PVC decorative line production, PVC stone plastic profile production, PVC skinning foam board production

Kochengda SPC floor production line manufacturer address: Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong Province