[SPC floor supplier] solid wood flooring purchase skills, pa

  The current flooring market is dominated by three types of solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring, as well as other new types of flooring such as cork flooring and bamboo flooring. The materials are different and the purchase method is different. Enmansen professional floor workers, on-site teaching cheats, taking solid wood flooring as an example, teach you how to buy and lay solid wood flooring!

  Solid wood flooring purchase method

  1, observe the accuracy of the floor

  After unpacking the wooden floor, take out about 10 pieces and assemble them by hand. Observe the bite of the floor, the assembly gap, and the height difference between the adjacent floors.

  2, check the substrate defects

  Observe the floor section to see if the plate texture is confusing; check for defects such as dead knots, joints, cracks, decay, and bacteria. Because the solid wood flooring is natural wood products. Objectively there is a phenomenon of chromatic aberration and unevenness, and there is no need to care too much about chromatic aberration.

  3. Measuring moisture content

  The national standard stipulates that the moisture content of the wooden floor is 8%-13%. Due to regional differences, the moisture content of the floor in the northern region is 12%, and the moisture content in the southern region should be controlled within 14%.

  Generally, there should be a moisture content meter in the dealer's store. If it is not, it means that the moisture content is not taken seriously. At the time of purchase, the moisture content of the selected wooden floor in the exhibition hall shall be measured first, and then the moisture content of the same type of wood flooring of the same specification and the same specification shall be measured. If the difference is ±2%, it may be considered qualified.

  4, determine the appropriate length

  It is recommended to choose a medium-short length of floor, not easy to deform, easy to lay, and not afraid of damage during transportation. Floors that are too long and too wide are relatively easy to deform and can be troublesome when laying.

  5, identify the ground plate species

  At present, the names of the tree species on the market are very confusing. Some manufacturers promote the sale, and the woods are crowned with various names that do not conform to the wood science, such as: rosewood, gold, and jade sandalwood; and more, In order to fill the high-grade wood with low-grade, consumers must not be confused by the name, to clarify the material, so as not to be fooled. At the same time, do not pursue imported materials too much. There are many kinds of domestic trees. In many areas, the quality and price of trees are superior to those of similar imported species.

  Solid wood floor paving method

  Paving solid wood flooring is a technical activity. How to flatten the nature of his paving is naturally the goal that all owners want to achieve. Today we will learn how to carry out the standard solid wood flooring.

  First, the ground requirements

  First of all, the moisture in the concrete floor should be removed. If the water in the concrete floor is not removed before the floor installation, a certain moisture shock wave may be generated.

  Drying or not is difficult to see with the naked eye. The simple test method is: put a few pieces of plastic film on the ground, and then seal it with tape. After 12 hours, if there is no moisture condensation on the plastic film, It means the ground is dry.

  Second, the solid wood flooring wood floor paving process

  1. The direction of the solid wood floor paving is usually the same as that of the room. According to the sequence paving, the wooden block should be placed between the floor and the wall, in order to keep the shrinking seam, check the flatness of the paved floor when pulling the wire, and then install .

  2. When the last row of paving the floor, cut it by measuring its width, assemble it, and use the hook to make it tight.

  3. Closing and bridge installation. In the room, the joint between the living room, the floor is very necessary to do the partition treatment, leaving enough space to use the transition strip to connect, so the advantages of laying: can reduce the floor consumption, make the floor paving more tight, and so The effect of paving is not easy to deform, and maintenance is also very convenient.

  4, skirting board installation: the thickness of the installation skirting board should be greater than 1.2cm. At the time of installation, the gap of the expansion joint of the floor is kept within 8-10mm, and it is filled with polystyrene board or elastomer to prevent the floor from loosening.

  Third, the introduction of solid wood flooring paving direction

  Is the solid wood floor horizontally laid vertically? Regarding the problem of the direction of the solid wood floor paving, the decorating person gives the following answers:

  1, find a reference point paving

  Take the long side of the living room for the direction of paving. If the living room is paved, then other rooms will be laid in the direction of the living room. If the living room is not covered with solid wood flooring, then the long side of the restaurant will prevail; other rooms are also It is paved in the same direction; if the restaurant does not have wooden floors, then each room can be laid independently, and the length of each room is subject to the direction, and does not need to maintain the same direction.

  2, light source

  The laying direction of the solid wood floor can be laid in accordance with the light source.

  3, walkway

  The general walkway is relatively narrow, so it should be laid along the aisle.

  The direction of solid wood flooring is not fixed, and there is no paving principle. Aesthetics and comfort are the first principles that should be pursued.

  Fourth, the solid wood floor paving notes

  1, the size of the keel raft should not be too thick, or it will affect the use of space, the general thickness of 4 * 1.5 ~ 2cm can be.

  2, can not use cement nails, but should be used to smash the eye with a wooden wedge, screws, etc. into the ground about 2.5cm.

  3. After the keel raft is installed, it will not move left and right. Therefore, it can be fixed without cement mortar around it, so that the floor will not be deformed due to insufficient curing time.

  4. For home installation, foam pad and 9mm plywood are not available. If there is no way to use it, 12cm~18cm plywood should be used, and it should be divided into 4~6 pieces, the well type keel, The surface of the board should be nailed.