SPC floor supplier: Star peak SPC floor manufacturer

Star peak SPC floor manufacturer is one of the first enterprises engaged in the production and installation of anti-static movable floor.

"People oriented" company insists on the introduction and cultivation of talents all the time. Now, more than 50% of the company's employees have college degree or above. The anti-static raised floor products produced by star peak SPC floor manufacturers are sold all over the country and abroad.

The originality and advanced technology of anti-static raised floor system of Xingfeng SPC floor manufacturer, as well as the trust of customers to Xingfeng anti-static floor system, will entrust the various engineering projects they own to Xingfeng anti-static floor for implementation, such as government agencies, financial securities, broadcast television, transportation, electronic instruments, power industry, etc.

Xingfeng SPC flooring manufacturer adheres to the tenet of "using the best products to provide the best service for users". Aiming at high difficulty and super large project projects, it is the best partner for you to complete high-level project projects by providing perfect and professional service support at any time.

Main products of star peak SPC floor manufacturer:

All steel ventilation anti-static floor, permanent anti-static PVC floor, all steel borderless anti-static floor, all steel anti-static floor, OA intelligent network movable floor, ceramic anti-static floor, overhead movable floor, anti-static floor, wood core composite floor, calcium sulfate anti-static floor.