SPC floor supplier: super rich SPC floor production line manufacturer

Super rich SPC floor production line manufacturers provide synthetic plastic floor equipment, SPC floor production line directly from Qingdao manufacturers. Direct supply of synthetic plastic floor equipment and SPC floor production line from Qingdao factory.

After many years of research, the manufacturer of super rich SPC floor production line successfully developed one-step SPC floor equipment, which replaced the traditional lamination equipment. The production line only needs 5 people in the production process, which greatly reduces the labor force compared with lamination 30 -, at the same time, the energy consumption is low, the product quality is high, and greatly improves the market competitiveness of the enterprise. Products have been widely used in various domestic production enterprises

SPC plastic floor is another name for PVC floor. The main ingredient is PVC material, SPC floor is compound type, that is, the upper layer is pure PVC transparent layer, and the lower layer is added with printing layer and foaming layer.

"Plastic floor" refers to the floor made of PVC material. PVC floor is widely used in all aspects of home and business because of its rich designs and colors. The composite PVC floor is a multi-layer structure. The composite coiled material is generally made of 4-5 layers of structure, which is generally composed of wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), printing film layer, glass fiber layer, elastic foaming layer, base layer, etc. The composite type sheet is generally made of 3-4 layers of laminated structure, and generally has wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), printing film layer, stable layer and base layer.

The appearance of LVT stone plastic floor has injected new vitality into the market of strengthened floor which has been slightly weakened. Stone product itself is not a new product, it was previously classified as a non roll material, and is considered part of the carpet product. This largely depends on the laying method of the whole surface gluing, which needs to be completed by the assembler. By changing the size and contour of the board style, especially the products with buckle, the stone plastic floor has the characteristics of strengthening the floor and thus entered the DIY market.

PVC one-step extrusion WPC floor production line

1. The new WPC floor has the advantages of antiskid, wearproof, beautiful and practical floor surface. It is a PVC floor developed by our company according to the characteristics of WPC floor, in order to reduce the cost and improve the cost performance. The complex processing technology of the original PVC floor mixer, open mill, four roll calender, tempering, hot pressing and laminating film is solved, which covers a large area, employs many people, has a high production cost, consumes a lot of energy, and costs a lot of equipment purchase. The new WPC floor is only 1 / 3 of the cost of honey refining, 1 / 10 of the cost of equipment purchase, and its performance is better than the original bonded WPC floor.

2. Directly extruding WPC floor, the technology is simple, the cost is low, all the indexes are up to or surpass the original WPC wood plastic floor.

3. Formation principle: directly cover the color film and wear-resistant layer on the extruded plate, and press out the anti-skid grain. The three materials (base material, color film and wear-resistant layer) are fused together, with high bonding strength and good effect, and then apply uv-7 for good appearance and scratch resistance.

4. Application: indoor WPC floor; indoor floor tile; PVC floor.