SPC Flooring Supplier: 5 ways to teach you how to quickly ch

The floor is the decoration material that many families need to use. Compared with the floor tiles, the floor is more luxurious and has a grade. There are many kinds of flooring, there are many kinds of solid wood flooring, composite flooring, etc. Do you know what characteristics each of these floorings have? What floor is better? Today, Enmansen flooring suppliers will tell you about it. Come check it out~~
1, the classification of the floor
  wooden floor
The solid wood floor is a pure natural single board, so it has a natural texture, good foot feel, and adjusts the natural temperature and humidity of the wood to have natural properties, giving an elegant and warm natural feeling.
The solid wood composite floor divides the single board into thinner veneers, which are reorganized by criss-crossing and then attached to the veneer, which changes the shortcomings of the single solid wood to be easily deformed, retains the natural properties of the appearance, and reduces the performance. Stability factor.
  Laminate flooring
The reinforced floor is made of high-density fiberboard plus decorative paper and wear-resistant paper at high temperature and high pressure. Its color style surpasses the natural limit, and it has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, stain resistance, easy care, and affordable price.
2, choose the floor only 5 steps
Strict quality control
The key factors that determine the quality of the floor are generally the following three: appearance quality, processing accuracy, physical and chemical properties. These projects provide inspection certificates as brand flooring, and with their own careful observation, it is easier to ensure the quality of the floor.
Environmental protection must be certified
Environmental protection is a problem that most of them will be mentioned when purchasing decorative building materials. As a consumer, the store should request an environmental certification, which is the “10-ring certification” that we often hear. When many consumers go to the store to buy the floor, they will also ask directly, is your product environmentally friendly? Will there be formaldehyde? Indeed, there are many substances in the interior decoration materials that cause pollution, not only formaldehyde, but also toluene. Volatile gases such as xylene, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and radioactive gases such as helium. In the face of these decoration pollution that we can't see or touch, the first thing we should have is to choose a big brand and choose a brand with a certificate. Secondly, there is no need to be too nervous, so that the aldehyde is changed. In fact, formaldehyde exists in various environments. The National Hygienic Standard for Fermented Wine stipulates that the formaldehyde content of beer is less than 2 mg/L; the World Health Organization (WHO) In the drinking water quality safety guidelines, the formaldehyde content is less than 0.9mg/L; the floor industry implements a mandatory formaldehyde standard, requiring formaldehyde emission less than 1.5mg/L, and the formaldehyde emission of brand flooring is only 0.2~ 0.3 mg/L.
Comprehensive price consideration
Apart from the false propaganda and deliberate exaggeration of some unscrupulous merchants, the price of the floor is linked to the value. When purchasing, first we should consider the budget and actual gaps to be spent. The floor is one of the main parts of the renovation. In general, 1/5 of the total renovation budget is reasonable. Whether the price is high or low, we must consider it from the perspective of cost performance, that is, if you spend so much money, what is bought is worth it. Its value includes product quality, process design, brand service and style and satisfaction of taste appeal.
Each type of floor has its characteristics. Because the surface of the solid wood is painted with paint, it must be used more carefully than the laminate. It is not as free as the laminate. Moreover, the natural material of wood needs to be maintained with essential oils, which makes it last longer and more beautiful.
The above is the knowledge about how to choose the floor for the Enmansen floor supplier. In the process of selecting the floor, we must carefully look for the type of floor that is suitable. From many angles, I hope that everyone can choose the floor. Help!