SPC flooring suppliers: Sindh SPC floor supplier

Suzhou Xinde enterprise was founded in 2007 with a registered capital of 5.88 million yuan. It is a company specializing in the sales and installation of imported flooring and carpets. The company is the first-class general agent of Korean LG hausys PVC flooring, specializing in the wholesale sales of Korean LG hausys PVC flooring, and reserves 100000 square meters of spot flooring throughout the year to meet the needs of large projects;

Our company's core projects cover large-scale public buildings, medical systems, education systems, office systems and other fields. The company strives for integrity, pragmatism, preciseness and innovation. It has not only been awarded AAA credit rating certificate, but also been rated as "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by the industrial and commercial department every year. It has a good reputation both inside and outside the industry and occupies a very high market share. At the same time, the company in good faith-based, small profits, mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, welcome the industry to call consultation and cooperation.

LG hansys PVC flooring is a world famous brand in South Korea. LG hausys has entered China since 1996 and established its first production legal person in Tianjin. After 21 years of development, China has owned one trading legal person, nine branches and three wholly-owned production legal persons, with a total investment of more than 300 million US dollars in China.

At the same time, it has set up R & D center and design center in China. After years of unremitting efforts, LG PVC flooring has outstanding performance that other traditional flooring can't match. It has the characteristics of sound absorption, wear resistance, anti-bacterial, anti mildew, anti-skid, anti-static, anti chemical pollution and so on. LG products include: commercial multi-layer laminated compact floor, multi-layer laminated mute floor, homogeneous permeable floor, rubber floor, electrostatic conductive floor, multi-functional sports floor and other products.