spc flooring suppliers: weipeng stone plastic floor manufacturer

Wei Peng stone plastic floor manufacturer is a professional manufacturer of PVC stone plastic self-adhesive floor and spc stone plastic lock floor, with many years of production experience. Since its establishment, Wei Peng has closely followed the trend of the times. It has produced a wide variety of stone-plastic flooring, complete colors and good prices, and has been loved and trusted by old and new customers.

The PVC stone plastic self-adhesive flooring produced by Weipeng Stone Plastic Flooring Manufacturer is a new type of flooring material made from original ecological resin powder, calcium carbonate, bamboo wood fiber, wheat stone powder and other raw materials through special processes at high temperature and pressure The performance and main indicators of environmental product quality supervision and inspection center are better than GB / T4085-2005 national standard. The whole process of pvc stone plastic self-adhesive floor production does not add any recycled old materials. The physical properties are stable and the colors are lifelike, making you feel more at ease.

Weipeng stone plastic flooring manufacturer Stone plastic self-adhesive flooring has the advantages of environmental protection, light weight and abrasion resistance, fire and water resistance, small seams and seamless welding, fast installation and easy maintenance, etc. . The PVC stone plastic self-adhesive floor produced by Wei Peng is widely used in: hospitals, schools, office buildings, stadiums, image shops, homes, shopping malls, hotels, conference rooms, dance halls, and old factory buildings.

Wei Peng pvc stone plastic self-adhesive floor is always relentlessly engaged in product development and innovation, focusing on the highest standards of product quality and the pursuit of excellence. Leading fashion, taking the interests of customers as the starting point. To meet the individual requirements of customers and create value for customers. In the past few years, the company has adhered to the working principle of "high technology, high investment, high quality, and strict management". Relying on a perfect service system, pioneering spirit, continuous innovation, and establish a good corporate image in the building decoration industry. Our company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future!