SPC office waterproof floor

  As a public place, the office of the company is characterized by a large number of people and a relatively complex environment, which requires the floor to be wear-resistant and pressure resistant. In addition, as an office, the ground noise should be small and the service life must be long enough. Today, kingup will give you a detailed introduction of SPC office waterproof floor.

  What is SPC wood floor

  It is made of polyethylene raw material which can be recycled by environmental protection. It is non-toxic and aldehyde free. The office of the company can be delivered for use immediately after laying. And the price is relatively low, wear-resistant, heat-resistant characteristics excellent, later maintenance convenient, the appearance is diverse, you can customize the texture color, can say is the most suitable for the company's office decoration of a wood floor!

  SPC floor has real lines and reliable quality, which can well improve the decoration level of the office, with many colors and styles. In addition, SPC wood floor has good wear resistance, even if it is used for a long time, it is not easy to cause damage to the wood floor.

  SPC floor can reduce the noise of people walking, so SPC floor can provide a good office working environment. SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is comfortable to step on, can greatly reduce noise, and has good wear resistance.

  The greater advantage of SPC office waterproof floor is that it is installed through lock splicing, with excellent wear resistance, no formaldehyde, and simple cleaning and maintenance. The service life is long, and the commercial use can reach about 15 years.

  In the office of the company, although the floor tiles are moistureproof and easy to clean, they can become more and more slippery when exposed to water, while the wooden floor is not waterproof, and it is very easy to deform and turn up when exposed to water, which is very time-consuming and laborious to clean.

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor, with environmental protection zero formaldehyde, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-skid ground. The use of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor in the company's office can also show its unusual outstanding characteristics. The surface of SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor adopts a unique anti-skid processing technology, which will make the surface of wood floor more astringent when it touches water, and the sliding friction force is stronger, thus exceeding the actual effect of anti-skid on the ground.

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