SPC stone plastic lock floor price?

  How is the SPC lock floor made?

  SPC lock floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (divided into pure, recycling materials, new materials, mixture is used below), calcium powder (distinguish between ranks have powder) and solvent (there are also using chemical level using solvent food-grade other) after high temperature pressure hot compress color film, PVC wear-resisting layer, cooling after processing through uv process (decided to floor the fouling resistance and sun ultraviolet light discoloration performance), floor cutting slot process (partial decision strength, loading tension floor lock), packing packaging (whether there is damage in the transport).

  This part is not for us to decide, we just need to understand the process and process to determine the value of the product, that is, the price

  The mainstream price of SPC floor is different at different levels in the market

  Recycling material products basically production process will not be good where, around the market price is about 100 to 150 yuan between the majority, some will be on the high side, on the low side. Our factory gives supplier new material basic 55 yuan.

  Each technology of mixture product should be a bit more comprehensive, the market price of each place is different roughly between 70-90 yuan is in the majority, individual on the high side, on the low side. This high price can almost be close to the pure new material price.

  Pure new material products each process link will be strict, some manufacturers also use technology or buy the difference between the use of technology, the price difference will be big. According to li shen understand each district market price is different roughly between 80-200 yuan is in the majority, individual meeting on the high side, on the low side.

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