SPC vinyl flooring purchase guide

  SPC vinyl floor is a new type of home decoration material, environmental protection, pollution-free, simple installation and maintenance, is a major feature of vinyl.

  Vinyl is one of the most flexible, versatile and affordable flooring you can buy. SPC vinyl flooring comes in the form of tiles, boards and sheets. The product is designed to be waterproof and can be used in any room of the house.

  Why vinyl tile flooring?

  If you haven't seen the latest developments in vinyl tile flooring, you're missing out. Today's Vinyl tiles are totally different than they were a decade ago. Today's Vinyl tiles have the look and feel of real ceramic or stone tiles, and are more affordable. That's why vinyl tiles continue to grow in popularity. Tiles are waterproof, which means they can be placed anywhere in the house.

  Vinyl tiles shall be manufactured to the exact size (12 or 18 inch square) and thickness to give a uniform appearance to the finished floor. The floor has many colors, lifelike textures and patterns. Self adhesive tiles are the easiest to install. Precision cut tiles also make it easy to replace damaged tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) offer all the benefits of vinyl, providing a more realistic look.

  Grouted vinyl tiles

  Some are designed for end-to-end laying, while others can even be grouted like real ceramics or stone. Consider grouted vinyl tiles for more realism. Tile manufacturers offer a variety of color options for grouting, providing you with the floor you need. Depending on the source, mortar can be used immediately without sealing. It also has the functions of antifouling, moisture-proof and crack proof.

  Vinyl tile

  Vinyl synthetic brick (VCT) or commercial VCT are designed to be durable and maintain their appearance even in densely populated areas. Magnets are often used in commercial environments. VCT has many styles and styles.

  Laying SPC vinyl floor

  Workshop Cleaning

  Shop garage floor

  How to install vinyl tile floor

  Why vinyl wood flooring?

  If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring, you can use vinyl wood. Over the years, this flooring method has been improved to simulate a variety of colors and types of wood realistically. The manufacturer has also taken some measures to improve the feel of the board and increase the details of its texture.

  Vinyl boards are usually made 4 or 6 inches wide, 3 or 4 feet long. Like vinyl tiles, vinyl wood products are waterproof. Gaps need to be sealed to prevent moisture from seeping into the floor. If operated correctly, the vinyl substrate will work in any room.

  How to install vinyl wood flooring

  Why SPC vinyl flooring?

  Like vinyl tiles and vinyl boards, sheet vinyl has improved significantly over the years. Manufacturers have created a floor method that accurately represents alternatives made of solid wood or ceramic tiles.

  Vinyl sheets are 6 or 12 feet wide and can be cut to size or prepared to roll. The type and method of adhesive will vary depending on the floor pattern. Vinyl sheet is ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms because it can be installed seamlessly.

  How to install SPC vinyl flooring

  Multiple choice

  SPC vinyl flooring can be installed on any standard bedding, concrete, old tile, wood or non buffered SPC vinyl base plate with proper surface treatment. Stability and water resistance make vinyl ideal for any room above, below or below grade. Protect SPC vinyl base plate from sunlight

  Who doesn't enjoy sunny days? The sun is great for us, but it may not be good for your vinyl floor. Direct sunlight can damage or discolor SPC vinyl flooring. Don't worry: it's easy to avoid. Look around your house and find areas of direct sunlight. Make sure the blinds or curtains are closed to block the sun. A well placed carpet or mat can also prevent the floor from fading or fading.

  Keep the floor clean

  Waxless surface and easy to clean make SPC vinyl flooring more attractive. You only need to carry out regular sweeping and irregular wet mopping to make the floor look like a new floor. There is no problem with spillage, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

  Furniture protection

  It's worth applying furniture mats to sofas, chairs, tables, or other things on SPC vinyl base boards. Add a layer of protection between the furniture and the floor to prevent scratching and keep the floor brand new. In addition to the obvious color and pattern changes, the biggest difference between vinyl tiles is the surface coating or wear-resistant layer. Tiles shall be covered with one of the following three surface coats to prevent dust, stains and scratches:

  Vinyl waxless

  It is suitable for areas with small traffic flow and little dust.


  This is very useful for areas with normal or busy traffic. Polyurethane also has the effect of scratch resistance, sliding chair scratch, and easy to clean.

  Reinforced polyurethane

  It is considered to be the highest quality surface coating. Compared with other coatings, reinforced polyurethane can withstand the heaviest flow, provide maximum stain and scratch resistance, and maintain its original luster for a longer time. Colors and patterns

  Colors and patterns can be applied to SPC vinyl flooring in two ways:

  Inlaid vinyl inserts colored particles into vinyl sheets for a richer look. Color is an integral part of the floor.

  Printed vinyl looks like a magazine page. Color ink is printed on the floor.

  What you can't see is just as important as what's on the surface. The backing on the SPC vinyl base plate provides additional moisture and mildew resistance, ensures the resilience of the vinyl, and determines the type of adhesive required for installation.

  SPC vinyl base plate has been favored by many families in recent years. The main reason is that SPC vinyl floor has many functions, such as good wear resistance, waterproof, fireproof and termite proof. Moreover, vinyl has many appearances, which can imitate the pattern of solid wood floor. It looks very lifelike, cheap and economical, which is also a reason for many people to choose.

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