The best floor for dogs

  If there is a dog in the family, it needs special attention when choosing the floor. The dog often runs in the room, grinds its paws, nibbles at things, and easily scratches the floor. Soiling and warping the floor. This needs to choose a strong and durable floor in the family, and the floor also needs to be easy to maintain.

  Here are some suggestions for the best floor type for dog owners:

  SPC vinyl floor

  Luxurious vinyl tiles are our best recommendation for dog owners. Don't let the affordable price of vinyl fool you - it's a very durable, scratch resistant and waterproof flooring material. And there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, it is the ideal choice for any area of your home. The soft vinyl foot is very suitable for homeowners with large active dogs. In general, vinyl is a safe, comfortable and low maintenance floor material for dog owners.

  Tile floor

  In terms of durability, ceramic tiles are the king. Porcelain and stone are the strongest floor materials. Moreover, if you get glazed tiles, it can also resist stains and scratches. However, in terms of dog floor, tile hardness is both advantages and disadvantages. Tiles are easy to clean, but they are not the most comfortable floor material for dogs to walk on. If your dog's joints are sensitive, tiling is not the best option. If you decide to install tiles in your house, make sure to purchase carpets in certain areas so your dog can rest.

  Dog's worst floor

  These flooring materials are most vulnerable to dogs. If your favorite floor type is in this list, don't worry; we can recommend the most durable products in the following categories:

  Carpet floor

  This is self-evident. The carpet is easy to get dirty. The dog likes to chew it. If carpets are a necessity, we recommend using low pile products made of nylon fiber. It will be difficult for dogs to tear down the low pile fiber, nylon is one of the most durable and pollution resistant carpet materials. Carpet tiles are also a good option for dog owners because they make it easier to replace damaged areas.

  Hardwood flooring

  Bamboo is one of the most important suggestions for dog owners, but you should avoid using other types of hardwood. Hardwood floors absorb moisture, so pet accidents can permanently stain and distort them. In addition, as time goes on, the dog's nails will scratch the hardwood floor. If you put your heart on hardwood, make sure you choose hard trees such as hickory or maple. Trimming a dog's nails will also help minimize damage.

  Cork flooring

  For dog owners, cork flooring is another undesirable flooring. Cork is a soft material and therefore more susceptible to damage than other types of flooring. Active dogs scratch and tear corks with their nails. However, cork has some pet friendly properties: it is waterproof, comfortable and has good sound insulation effect. Therefore, if you don't mind scratching, cork may work for you.

  When choosing the best floor for dogs, we should also consider other members of the family, not many people in the room, whether there are children, other animals, etc., and comprehensively consider choosing the most suitable floor.

  The above is the enmansenspc flooring manufacturer's recommendation for the best flooring type for dog owners!

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