The floor covering technique is very particular. The living

Flooring Raiders Large living room should choose large-size floor coverings is the highlight of home decoration, what kind of floor to choose, how to paving, how to accept? This is the concern of the decoration family.
Floor covering is the highlight of home decoration. What kind of floor is chosen, how to install it, how to accept it? This is a concern of the decoration family.
The living room is an important part of the home, and the choice and laying of the living room floor should be consistent with the owner's aesthetic and personality.
The living room is covered with a large floor, the sense of space will be more intense, more atmospheric, not messy, and can perfectly reflect the perfect combination of temperament and material.
No skirting, buckles, floor covering is more flat and beautiful
The general quality hazard of floor covering exists in the construction of the skirting line and the buckle, which is prone to problems. At the same time, the decoration effect is not beautiful. The general floor trader advises the customer to add a transition strip and a buckle between the floor and the floor, which is neither beautiful nor swell. Moreover, in the paving of the floor, the use of the baseboard is long, and it is prone to a gap between the baseboard and the floor, and a series of hidden dangers such as water ingress and dust entering the gap, and the connection of the buckle The ground connection is hard and contrasting, and the decoration effect of the room is greatly reduced.
Advanced technology to solve common problems in floor covering
In the paving of the floor, the general problem is that the sand, tide, concave, convex, and crack on the ground cause expansion, arching, and no mute. If the ground is flat, the ground is firm, the ground is firm, and the bottom of the floor will not be arched. If the ground is not wet, the floor will not expand. These three aspects are precisely the basic conditions and requirements of the floor covering.
In general, floor covering is a matter of learning. As the saying goes, the floor is purchased in three-point pavement. In addition to choosing the right floor, there is also a first-class paving process to get the perfect result.

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