Vinyl base plate construction process

  Vinyl anticorrosive floor construction method:

  1. Plain treatment: polish, repair and dust removal according to the condition of plain treatment;

  2. Vinyl ester primer: add accelerant and curing agent to vinyl ester resin in an appropriate proportion, scrape the plain surface to enhance surface adhesion;

  3. Lay the fiberglass fabric on the ground: place the fiberglass fabric on a level, stick the fiberglass fabric to the ground with the prepared vinyl ester coating, and apply the fiberglass fabric on the ground with a batch knife to make it evenly coated.

  4, vinyl ester coating: the prepared vinyl ester paint with a trowel evenly coated one to two;

  5. Vinyl ester surface paint: evenly coat the prepared vinyl ester surface paint with trowel. After completion, the whole ground is bright and clean with uniform color and no empty drum.

  6, construction completion: 24 hours after the people, 72 hours after the pressure. (25 ° c shall prevail, and the low temperature opening time shall be appropriately extended

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