What are the advantages and disadvantages of spc flooring?

  You may know the more common types of floor materials such as marble flooring, tile flooring and solid wood flooring, but I don't know, what kind of black technology is the spc floor? In fact, this kind of flooring is not a one-off product, as early as several years ago, It has been very popular in foreign markets, and it has not been loud in the country. This is mainly because many people have relatively poor acceptance of new things. Now green and health-themed life has become popular, like natural health of spc flooring. Green materials have become the focus of many people.

  So what advantages does the spc floor have in terms of function?

  1, material health

  SPC is an abbreviation of stone-plastic composite material. It is not like composite wood, it is more like composite stone. The raw material is polyester vinyl resin, which is the PVC material that everyone often cares about, and it strengthens the performance of PVC material. The mold is squeezed out, and the internal interlayer coating is also avoided in the process, so that its function is more abundant, and it can have a series of characteristics such as non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, zero pollution, and material renewable, even in the future. , SPC floor should still be able to be recycled like plastic, so that you can reduce the cost of housing.

  2, the price is cheap

  Many people think that green and healthy materials, the price is expensive, this is not necessarily, although its materials can rank among the 0 pollution, and in the waterproof, low temperature and other effects, are very excellent, but the price is quite Fair, it is much cheaper than solid wood flooring, but it is slightly more expensive than composite flooring, but its natural non-polluting properties can make up for the lack, in general, whether it is the price or Cost-effective, spc floor has very good characteristics.

  3, good anti-slip effect

  Spc floor is suitable for most rooms, whether it is a bathroom or a balcony. It is used as a bathroom floor material. It is not only 100% waterproof, but also anti-slip effect. Otherwise, why is the bathroom anti-slip floor tile? What is the pursuit? The anti-slip index of the Spc floor is not weaker than the non-slip tile, because the nanofiber material on the surface will cause the shoes after being stained with water. Whether it is slippers or ordinary shoes, there will be a step on it. The feeling of being awkward. This peculiar function of encountering water and water causes the friction to rise and rise after the water is wet. Therefore, the anti-slip effect is worthy of being determined. If there is an elderly person or a child at home, it can be recommended.

  4, wear-resistant scratch

  The service life of a pair of floors often has to be seen in its wear-resisting effect. Many ceramic tile floors have been used for ten or twenty years, and the surface enamel will show signs of aging, which directly leads to The interior of the tile is polluted and not easy to remove, while the wooden floor is prone to various kinds of hanging marks. Over time, it seems to have a feeling of riddling holes, which greatly affects the visual sense. Will lead to a significant reduction in the life of the wood, from the inside to build a certain mold and corrosion. Spc flooring is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Because the material itself is a stone-plastic composite, the hardness is very high. Although the thickness of the board is relatively thin, it does not affect its durability.

  However, there is still a need for improvement in the spc floor, that is, the problem of the age, its service life is based on 15-20 years, compared with the ordinary floor, it is slightly lower, perhaps a lot People asked, why can't such a good floor become a newcomer to the modern industry? Xiao Bian thinks that when the spp floor can be recycled independently and the production technology can be reused, then this kind of floor will definitely be the most popular. The floor is gone.

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