What calls SPC stone model floor? Suitable for school floor!

  SPC stone and plastic floor has composite and the same body floor, the composite stone and plastic floor surface has wear-resistant layer, the same as the body is the floor; Because you choose to be in the school, the cleanness of the floor is impossible to have professional personnel like hospital and bazaar, must choose to use compound stone model floor so had better, the wearability of the same plast is bad, do not suit the school to use.

  because the school students are active, desks, chairs and benches move frequently, the impact of many floors is also large, so the floor wear resistance to high, wear resistance is better, easy to clean maintenance, no smell of the floor, color to rich stone plastic floor. Suggest the floor size of stone model floor is in 450*450mm or 600*600mm or so floor had better, wear-resisting layer thickness is 0.4mm above is beautiful; Floor thickness 2.0-3.5mm is advisable.

  SPC stone plastic floor is made of PVC(add stone powder, auxiliary, etc., after high temperature pressing, the surface is added wear-resistant layer production, can not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde free environmental protection floor.

  its thickness is 3.2mm, wear-resisting layer is 0.45mm, color, decorative pattern is designed for Chinese school floor with Chinese characteristics. Floor need not wax conserve, wear-resisting, be able to bear dirt, environmental protection, sound insulation, reduce noise, be able to bear impact is the floor that the school, office place is more beautiful.

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