What floor is good for the kitchen? Recommended SPC vinyl flooring

  The kitchen is a very important place in the family. Many users choose the single floor when they choose the kitchen decoration, which causes the disunity of the home style. Moreover, the kitchen is easy to accumulate water and oil, easy to slide, and not easy to clean and take care of. Of course, it is important to make the kitchen beautiful. Today, kingup SPC vinyl flooring manufacturers recommend a few suitable for kitchen floor, hope to help you!

What floor is good for the kitchen? Recommended SPC vinyl flooring

  Marble stone

  Natural stone is also one of the floor types selected by many users. Natural stone is solid and durable, gorgeous and beautiful, and its price is on the high side. It is important that natural stone is not waterproof, and water will cause color change on the surface for a long time. Generally, it is not recommended to use it in the kitchen and other wet ground.

  SPC vinyl flooring

  SPC vinyl floor is a new type of light body decorative material. It has the advantages of astringency in water, oil and water resistance, etc. cleaning and maintenance are very simple, more importantly, it is durable, and the color and style are also very rich. It can be made into various styles, combined installation, very beautiful, and the unusual environmental protection does not contain formaldehyde. It is the preferred floor for kitchen floor at present.

  ceramic tile

  General families will choose ceramic tiles as the first choice of kitchen materials, mainly low price, good moisture-proof, but if there is a large area of water stains, it is easy to slide, easy to fall, so do not make the main recommendation,

  Based on the above introduction, I believe that I have a very clear understanding of how to choose the kitchen floor and what kind of floor to lay. The main recommendation here is SPC vinyl floor, which is more suitable for kitchen. The service life of SPC vinyl floor in general household kitchen is about 10-20 years, so there is no need to worry.

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