What floor is recommended for hotel decoration?

  Hotel decoration is to use the floor or tiles or carpets, in the face of such problems, many people will choose to use tiles. But today it is recommended that SPC flooring be used in hotel decoration, which will be more advantageous and more suitable.

  The common choice of hotel floor is nothing more than ceramic tile, carpet, solid wood floor, etc. in how to choose it, it needs to be based on the actual situation. Today's recommended hotel floor is a new type of light body decoration material, an environmentally-friendly polluted floor, and a floor easy to clean and maintain. I believe you have seen it in many occasions. Yes, you can accept SPC vinyl floor.

  The choice of solid wood flooring for hotels is only judged from several aspects:

  1. Price of floor

  2. Floor cleaning and maintenance

  3. Later maintenance of floor

  4. Style and effect of floor

  5. Practical applicability

  In the above several kinds of problems, floor price is a variable, which will fluctuate greatly according to the actual product, so we will not expand it in detail here.

  Take the following aspects as an example: SPC floor is as simple as traditional ceramic tiles in daily cleaning. It can be cleaned normally without special care. Unlike some solid wood floors, which are afraid of water or carpet, it is very difficult to clean.

  In the later maintenance, SPC floor is also very convenient, because SPC floor is installed through the lock, so it is very convenient to dismantle and assemble. If there is special damage, or need to adjust, it is very convenient.

  There are many types of SPC floor styles: imitation wood, imitation marble, imitation carpet. The styles and colors are also very rich. The actual decoration is very beautiful, very similar to the imitated products, and the differences are very subtle.

  In terms of practicability, SPC floor also has many incomparable advantages over other floors, such as fire prevention, water-proof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and so on. It can achieve a perfect use effect in the hotel.

  The above is what kind of floor is recommended for hotel decoration. If you have any questions, please leave us a message.

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