What is a luxury vinyl floor?

  What is a luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) floor?

  Luxury vinyl floor is a popular new type of floor. The luxury vinyl floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, UV layer and other structures, which is more wear-resistant and suitable for areas with high flow of people. The luxury vinyl base plate is also known as LVT.

  Vinyl flooring has many kinds of appearance styles, and has higher durability and design sense. Many styles are also 100% waterproof, so when exposed to water, they do not swell, bend or lose integrity.

  Are luxury vinyl tiles durable?

  Yes, it's very durable. Luxury vinyl base plate is durable. All LVT flooring of enmansen flooring is scratch, stain and wear resistant and 100% water resistant.

  Many of our LVT flooring products have lifetime warranties, and we also offer products with 30 and 15 year warranties.

  What is the most durable luxury vinyl floor?

  Enmansen's flooring technology offers better resistance to scratches, wear, dirt, spills and stains than other competitive products, and is easy to clean. It has hardwood and slate patterns.

  Where can I install luxury vinyl flooring in my home?

  The perfect combination of design options, easy installation and value for money makes the luxury vinyl floor the favorite floor for people's gathering space and utility areas, kitchens, mud rooms, bathrooms and game rooms. But its incredible realism and pop style also means that this floor type is becoming more and more popular in all rooms of the house. Including living room and bedroom!

  Luxury vinyl is not used for stairs, but for all flat horizontal surfaces.

  Is luxury vinyl tile a substitute for hardwood?

  Yes! Homeowners especially like that you can get authentic wood style and make it durable enough to be used in rooms that need moisture-proof. It is not recommended to install hardwood in the bathroom and laundry. LVT floor is waterproof, so it is a great look for these areas.

  Is luxury vinyl ceramic tile a substitute for ceramics?

  Yes! People like the fact that luxury vinyl feels warmer and softer under your feet than hard flooring like tiles. This is the super friendly surface used by ordinary families: lots of people, crawling children and pets, dropped plates and spilled things, etc. In addition, the available stone tile styles (including marble, slate and travertine) look and feel very real, but will not give you the same problem as natural stone: the possibility of breaking on uneven floors and having to maintain grouting lines. What style can LVT floor get?

  The charm of luxury vinyl tiles lies in their wide range of uses. It's possible to get a look that mimics hardwood or natural stone, but with the performance you're looking for on vinyl based boards. Take extra care in the design process to create visual effects and textures that mimic real things.

  This is some of the looks you can choose when you start your search.

  Realistic wood varieties - from traditional oak, walnut and birch to lifelike exotic wood (with dramatic texture patterns)

  Texture and finish – weathered paint, stucco and rough recycled look

  Classic stone style - marble, slate and travertine brick and concrete slab

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