What is luxury vinyl tile (LVT)? Introduction to luxury vinyl ceramic tile (LVT)

  LVT is composed of limestone and composite materials. On the composite there is an adhesive digital pattern film, which can be formed in almost any appearance and sealed under the external wear-resistant layer.

  Although LVT is initially the most expensive of the three, its service life cost is often reduced due to its excellent durability and minimum maintenance requirements. And because of its multi-functional graphics layer, LVT provides excellent design capabilities for VCT.

  Over the past decade, manufacturers have released impressive new LVT products. New sizes and shapes of materials, such as hexagons and planks, are now available, making innovative designs possible. The digital graphics film layer has been improved to a number of levels that are indistinguishable from natural materials, such as high-grade stone finishes and rich wood flooring.

  At the same time, the new LVT composite and the quality of wear-resistant layer make the material have enough durability, can bear some of the heaviest load environment, often replace traditional materials, such as ceramics, marble and wood. Moreover, because LVT has the best service life value and the largest design versatility, we tend to recommend it to other commercial vinyl options.

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