What is solid wood SPC floor?

  SPC (stone polymer core) is a revolutionary new floor product. SPC floor is an upgrade of luxury vinyl base plate. It is a specially designed "Unilin" click-lock system, SPC has a series of new functions, no other composite floor product category has been found.

  SPC floor represents stone-plastic composite material. Known for its 100% waterproof and unparalleled durability, these elaborate luxury vinyl panels use advanced technology to perfectly imitate natural wood and stone at lower prices. The spc's iconic hard core is virtually indestructible.

  What is SPC Floor + Solid Wood Decoration?

  Veneer SPC floor is a new type of SPC floor. Its structure is composed of UV coating, veneer and SPC hard core. It is formed by cold pressing.

  SPC floor veneer inherits the classic beauty of solid wood, retains the texture of natural wood floor, and makes your home more fresh and natural. When people step on it, it feels soft and pleasant. It is very suitable for consumers'aesthetics and is more and more popular with consumers.

  Our revolutionary product, wood veneer SPC flooring, is under development. Wood veneer SPC floor is the latest generation of floor covering. There is also a new SPC floor texture, with a real bark. It is an innovation of using solid wood veneer on the basis of SPC core material. It not only makes the floor surface look like solid wood, but also greatly improves the quality of SPC. It is believed that once launched, it will surely attract customers'attention in the floor market.

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