What is SPC vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring manufacturer for you!

Flooring is a personal choice. For many homeowners, the best flooring is the one that is cost effective and in line with their attitude to life.
What is SPC vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring manufacturer for you!
SPC vinyl flooring
One of the latest trends in the flooring industry is SPC vinyl flooring. A stylish and relatively affordable option, SPC vinyl flooring consists of high temperature extrusions of calcium powder, PVC resin and stabilizers. spc vinyl floors are rigid core floors because they are created from multiple layers. 1.uv layer - anti-fouling, strengthen the surface (uv layer then to a certain extent to protect the floor, increase the life of the floor.) 2.Wear-resistant layer - transparent wear-resistant layer, thickness of about 0.3mm, transparent texture, strong adhesion, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, wear coefficient can reach 8000-16000 rpm. Color film layer - various wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain decorative layer, can meet the different needs of different occasions and different tastes. Polymer base material layer - by the stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material in the stirring uniformly and then by high temperature extrusion made of composite plate, at the same time has the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, so this floor has good strength and toughness. The back of spc vinyl flooring is your own choice, with or without EVA foam or ixpe for sound insulation and cushioning. As you can imagine, each of these layers is critical to creating a strong and durable product that will be with you in your home for many years to come. You can also design your own flooring patterns, allowing you to DIY flooring to fill your home with art. Therefore, it is important to follow the KINGUP brand and ask us for professional advice.

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