What is SPC vinyl flooring?

At present, SPC vinyl base plate is a very popular floor material, but many people don't know it very well. Today, enmansen SPC floor manufacturer will introduce what SPC vinyl floor is, what is its production process? What is the approximate cost price.

SPC: SPC is the abbreviation of stone plastic composites. It is a new type of green building material product without glue, which extrudes SPC base material by conical twin-screw extruder combined with floor mold, and uses horizontal four roller calender to heat and press the wear-resistant layer, color film and base material respectively, once and for all.

I. a process flow of SPC stone plastic floor

1. Base material: it is the floor material. In terms of composition, it includes PVC resin, calcium powder, stabilizer, stearic acid, paraffin, etc. the main materials are resin powder and calcium powder. The specific proportion shall be adjusted on site according to the formula provided by our engineer.

2. Hot pressing: this process is called extrusion process. In fact, there is another step between the base material and hot pressing, which is the mixture. Because of the diversification of base material, it must be fully mixed and then put into the extruder for hot pressing process

3. Coating: in the process of hot pressing, the color film and wear-resistant layer respectively enter the four roll bonding, forming once.

4. Tempering: the formed plate is usually one meter wide or wide. At this time, the plate needs to be tempered to eliminate the internal stress of the plate.

5. Punching: according to the needs, cut the wide board into the width we need, such as the size of the general solid wood floor or solid wood composite floor on the market, of course, this can also be customized. Any size. It's convenient, fast and free.

6. Slotting: SPC floor is also called stone plastic lock floor, which is the result of this step. The price of slotting machine is not cheap. It usually requires an investment of 1.2 million yuan, and the precision of slotting is strict. I once heard from my clients that when they came to check and accept the stone plastic floor in Europe and America, they locked two pieces of floor and put water on them. They can't penetrate for 24 hours. This shows the rigor of the floor.

7. Packaging: that's easy to understand.

8. Adjustment: delivery

The above is an explanation of the whole production process of SPC flooring. For more details, you can contact me. Let me repeat.

II. What mechanical equipment are needed for SPC stone plastic floor production

1. Plastic grinder: 400.500.600 according to different models. The function of the grinder is literally to grind some rigid PVC materials into powder materials of certain fineness for use. Many manufacturers do not use the grinder, so they purchase the grinding materials of recycled materials. The price difference among them is 300-500 yuan / ton.

2. Mixer: This is a necessary auxiliary equipment. Because we know that there are n kinds of raw materials for SPC floor, how to fully mix these raw materials evenly depends on this equipment. There are big and small mixers. Generally, large mixers are selected for investment in flooring. In addition to cold and hot mixers, a low-temperature cold mixer is also good, mainly saving power.

3. Crusher: there are unqualified or just started waste boards that are broken into small particles by this crusher, and then they are ground for use.

4. Extrusion flow line: This is an important flow process for SPC floor production. The total length of the equipment is more than 30 meters, including feeding machine, conical twin-screw extruder, mold, shaping, bracket, traction, cutting, manipulator. The whole process is fully automatic, realizing the modern industrial mode of labor and labor saving.

The above four kinds of equipment are provided by our extrusion equipment manufacturers, as well as tempering, UV, and slotting machine. Or you can purchase by yourself. Fine. In an industry for a long time, professional nature. We can provide some manufacturers for your reference. Of course, if you believe in me or you are not worried, you can also buy it all in one stop here. Fine.

The total investment in these equipment is 23 million yuan. It should be a big investment. Please be careful.

III. external conditions of SPC floor production

1. Water: circulating water requires a certain size of water reservoir or cooling tower.

2. Electricity: consult with our engineers, usually 315 or 600 transformers.

3. Labor: determined according to the number of online.

4. Workshops needed: 2-3 workshops with a length of more than 50m and a width of more than 20m. Specifically, wechat or telephone communication. Or we can go to the scene.

SPC floor cost accounting (formula cost is calculated by 2200 yuan / ton):

1. Weight of SPC floor with thickness of 4mm: thickness of 4.0mm × density of 2.0 = 8kg / ㎡,

Formula cost 2.2 yuan / kg × 8 kg = 17.6 yuan / m2

2. PVC wear-resistant layer 1 yuan / ㎡ + color film 4 yuan / ㎡ = 5 yuan / ㎡ (wear-resistant layer thickness: 0.3)

3. Slotting: 2 yuan / square;

4. Patent fee: yuan / ㎡

5. PVC bottom film: 1 yuan / ㎡

5. Package: 1.5-2 yuan / m2

6. UV: 0.6 + labor 1 yuan / ㎡ = 1.6 yuan / ㎡

7. Comprehensive labor: 2 yuan / / ㎡