What is the abrasion resistance standard of commercial vinyl floor?

When customers buy commercial vinyl base plate, the salesman always requires the thickness of wear-resistant layer. But do you know what the wear resistance standard of commercial vinyl floor is? And do you know how to measure the wear resistance of commercial vinyl flooring? Today, you can find the answer here.

According to EU standard – en649, the wear resistance of commercial vinyl floor can be divided into four different levels: T, P, m, F. Then t > P > m > F. The test is based on the test method conforming to European en660 standard. En660 is divided into en660-1 according to thickness loss test, and en660-2 tests volume loss according to two test methods. In the European en660 standard, the test method and test results are described in detail. We briefly summarize as follows:

1. Test method

Grind the tested material, and then test it with leather wheel.

After 5000 rotations, the volume or weight loss of wear-resistant layer - thickness loss (en660-1) or volume loss (en660-2) is detected.

2. Test results

Test method for wear resistance grade of evaluation standard


Thickness loss (mm) < 0.080,08 <△ 1 ≤ 0.150,15 <△ 1 ≤ 0300,30 <△ 1 ≤ 0.60en660-1

Volume loss (mm) FV ≤ 2.02,0

T = transparent

P = fewer filters

M = medium filter

F = high filter

3, summarize

Therefore, Grade T is the highest wear-resistant grade of commercial vinyl floor, and the product performance is also the best. Compared with grade P, it has obvious advantages.

For example, assuming a wear rate of 50000 RPM per year, it would be a 2.0mm uniform through wall PVC product. 2 / 0.08 = 25 years for class T products and 2 / 0.15 = 13 years for class P products. Level M products can only be used for 2 / 0.30 = 7 years, while level F products are less.

Then in the future maintenance, T-class products will not be easily scratched due to their excellent wear resistance. Products of grade P or below are more prone to bruises. It will pay more for maintenance and cleaning, which will be more than 2-3 times of the cost.

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