What is the difference between PVC floor and ceramic tile

  With the development of building materials industry, there are more and more kinds of floor materials. Ceramic tile has a history of many years. PVC floor is a kind of building materials which develops rapidly in recent years. So, what are the main differences between PVC floor and ceramic tile?

  1. Different composition and production process

  Ceramic tile is a kind of decorative building material with acid and alkali resistance, which is formed by grinding, mixing, pressing and sintering of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides. Its raw material is a mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on.

  PVC floor is made of PVC as raw material and processed by technology.

  What is the difference between PVC floor and ceramic tile

  2. Different performance and maintenance

  The tiles are not antiskid and cold in texture. They are troublesome to maintain and easy to get dirty.

  PVC floor treatment is very simple, only need to wipe with a rag can be, pollution resistance is better.

  3. Installation difference

  The tiles are heavy and hard to install. It's hard to remove them after installation and they can't be reused.

  PVC floor is very light and easy to install. It can be directly laid on the original ground, so it is very suitable for the reconstruction of old buildings.

  Compared with ceramic tile, the new building material PVC floor has a more comfortable foot feel, and it will not feel cold when stepping on it barefoot. PVC floor has a certain antibacterial effect, which is more suitable for home.

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