What is the difference between SPC stone floor and common floor?

  With the continuous innovation of the floor technology, the SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor takes the opportunity in the floor field. It may not be very clear to people about this kind of SPC floor, and many people feel that the traditional wooden floor is powerful and not interested in new materials. Today, kingup floor manufacturer will introduce the SPC stone plastic lock floor in detail!

  The difference between SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor and common wood floor:

  Common wood floor:

  Raw materials: wood, strong glue and other adhesive binding agent, the surface layer has the thickness of protective layer such as paint, wax, etc., so it has indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases.

  Price: the price is more expensive, generally more than 10 US dollars per square meter, the most expensive is 100 US dollars per square meter.

  Environmental protection: the destruction ratio of mountains and forests is large, which is unfavorable to the construction of ecological civilization.

  Dampproof: not waterproof, easy to damp, easy to deform. Wood floor will change greatly with temperature.

  Installation: the reliability of pure solid wood floor is poor. When installing, it is necessary to lay the main keel, which costs a lot.

  Heat transfer: after the application of land heating, the moisture will rise when it is heated, and be digested and absorbed by the wood floor, and the wood floor will crack when it becomes damp.

  Phrenic sound: the actual effect of phrenic sound is general.

  SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor:

  Raw materials: polyethylene has been used in our daily life for a long time. We must make sure that the liquid delivery pipe bag of kitchenware and medical equipment, etc., and the environmental protection level is more than E0. Natural stone powder, through the inspection of the authority, does not contain all harmful substances, and is also a new type of environmental protection and zero formaldehyde floor building decoration material.

  Price: high quality, low price and good quality. The price is only about one fifth of that of solid wood floor.

  Environmental protection: polyethylene is a renewable energy, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances. SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor is a kind of floor decoration material which can be reused. It can be well realized for reuse and effectively reduce the use cost.

  Moisture proof: SPC floor has stronger moisture-proof and water-proof ability, mainly because its key components are vinyl resin and calcium powder, which are not easy to be damaged or deformed after touching water; in addition, it is not easy to get moldy due to high environmental humidity.

  Installation: SPC stone plastic lock waterproof floor installation, easy to pave. In the case of installation, as long as the lock fits with each other to produce accurate engagement, it greatly reduces the time for manual pavement. Pavement out of the ground overall actual effect color symmetry, beautiful generous air.

  Heat transfer: excellent heat transfer performance, uniform heat dissipation of heat pipe, small coefficient of linear expansion, relatively stable. In the United States, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, SPC wood floor is the best choice for floor heating and heat transfer wood floor, especially suitable for home laying.

  Sound insulation and noise reduction: with the characteristics of sound insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, one can reach 22 decibels, which can well condense and build a good peaceful living space.

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