What is the difference between the flat buckle floor and the buckle floor?

  The difference between flat buckle and lock floor can be roughly understood from the literal. The installation of flat buckle floor is quite complicated. First, it can only displace in the horizontal direction, but also need to use sealant, and it will rise up after a long time. On the contrary, the installation of SPC lock floor is relatively simple, without using sealant, and it is easier to start from the left.

  With the continuous development of the floor industry, more and more installation methods have been invented. Today, enmansen SPC floor manufacturers will introduce the difference between the lower buckle floor and SPC buckle floor.

  In the technical level, the buckle is more advanced than the flat buckle. The buckle can control the horizontal and vertical displacement of the floor. In the process of pavement, there is no need to glue, and only relying on the buckle can be connected closely to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof. Compared with the traditional flat buckle floor, the advantage of SPC buckle floor is very obvious!

  First, the lock floor does not need to hit the ground keel, which can not only save a cost for the housing decoration, but also indirectly increase the floor height of the housing. For most commercial housing, the floor height of the house is very tight, if you can save the keel, you can increase the floor height by 30 to 50 mm!

  Second, the lock floor does not need to be fixed with nails or glue when it is paved. The disadvantages of the traditional way of using nails or glue to fix the pavement are very obvious. The nails fixed by consumers after using for a period of time may loosen, which will cause noise caused by the mutual friction of the floor, and the glue will lose its adhesion with the gradual oxidation, resulting in the loosening of the floor, which will also produce noise.

  Third, due to the role of the lock, the whole room floor can form a whole, waterproof and moisture-proof effect is very good. The lock floor is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and can be recycled. If a piece of floor is damaged during use, it can be removed and replaced directly. In the future, SPC lock floor will become the mainstream of floor consumer market development.

  For the decoration plan to install their own floor, it is recommended to use SPC lock type floor, which is more convenient and easier than installing flat lock type floor. I believe that through the introduction of this article, no one has a preliminary understanding of flat lock floor and SPC lock floor, and I believe that later when choosing the floor, they will be more flexible.

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