What is the price of a Spc lock floor?

  Spc lock floor is a relatively popular product in the flooring market. Since its launch, it has been highly praised by professional owners. Spc lock floor is widely used in home decoration, commercial offices, hospitals and schools. The main reason for this is because This floor is formaldehyde-free and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy gold metals. So how much does this spc lock floor cost? How is it different from other different wooden flooring?

  The price of Spc lock floor is not much different from the price of ordinary floor. Generally speaking, the main factors affecting the price are the quantity of SPC floor purchase, some parameters of SPC floor, such as the thickness of SPC floor and the thickness of wear layer of SPC floor. Has a high impact on the price of the floor.

  So what do these parameters do? Generally, a 3mm thick spc floor is sufficient for home use, and the thickness of the wear-resistant layer is only 0.3mm. The price of this kind of floor is generally about 5-10 dollars, the specific needs to be calculated according to the specific situation.

  The thickness of the SPC lock floor used in business is generally above 3mm, and the wear-resistant layer is also above 0.3mm. The main consideration is the use scenario. The general traffic of the business is relatively large, so the corresponding parameter requirements will be higher. This type of SPC The price of a lock floor is around $ 6-10.

  Another factor that affects the price of one square meter of SPC lock floor is the raw materials used in the product. The raw materials of SPC floor produced by kingup floor manufacturers are all new materials, so the price of SPC floor products compared with the recycled materials will be higher, but Kingup's floor quality will be more guaranteed.

  Spc lock floor installation price per square meter will be much lower than other floor installation prices, the main reason is that spc lock floor installation is more convenient, glue-free, nail-free, fast installation through lock technology, so the corresponding Installing a few will be much lower.

  In summary, the overall price per square meter of the spc lock floor will be much lower, and the price is still very competitive.

  Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a deep understanding of the price per square meter of the spc lock floor. If you have any questions about the price of the spc lock floor, please leave us a message.

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