What is the price of RVP floor?

  It's hard to say how much RVP flooring costs. It depends on what kind of materials you choose. You can also refer to the following: the price of RVP flooring involves the following aspects:

  I. specification of RVP floor: the common RVP floor is 3mm and 4mm thick, and now there are 5-8mm thick ones. The price of RVP floor with different thickness is different.

  II. Installation of RVP floor: installation of RVP floor requires auxiliary materials such as moisture-proof film, glue, etc., as well as labor cost for installation. Large area, the price can be more preferential. If the area is small, the price will be higher.

  III. If the cost of RVP floor is only plain board (excluding auxiliary materials and installation), it is a cheap common brand, usually 3mm150 yuan / m2, and 5-8mm floor is 200 yuan / m2 Package installation cost: RMB 170 / m2 for 3mm plate and RMB 210 / m2 for 5-8mm floor Of course, the price of brand floor, even if it is cheaper, is more than 250 yuan / m2.

  I want to ask how much is RVP wood grain plastic floor

  The price of RVP wood grain floor varies from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. The price has a lot to do with the thickness, total thickness, brand and other factors of its wear-resistant layer.

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