What is vinyl flooring? Vinyl flooring introduction

  Vinyl sheet flooring is a continuous polymer sheet with a width of about 6 to 16 feet. It is similar to LVT because it has a protective external wear-resistant layer over the digital graphics film layer, but the film layer is located on the internal felt layer. It is durable and can be used in unique designs that require larger paper and have no visible seams.

  Vinyl sheet flooring is packaged in large rolls to minimize the number of seams, making it ideal for healthcare facilities where fall prevention is a key issue. On the contrary, lack of seams can make maintenance more difficult: if one part of the vinyl flooring is damaged, you will need to cut and replace the whole part, not just exchange tiles.

  Vinyl flooring tends to cost more than VCT, but less than LVT. Although it has similar design versatility to LVT, it is necessary to pay more for LVT if enhanced durability is a key issue in your application.

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