What is WPC vinyl flooring?

  WPC vinyl base plate is currently used by more and more people. WPC vinyl floor can be seen in commercial plants, outdoors and hospitals. How to distinguish WPC vinyl base plate? This article will introduce what WPC floor is in detail for you!

  WPC floor represents wood plastic composite. These 100% waterproof works are luxurious vinyl wood and tile DIY friendly, with an easy interlock system that can be installed under most existing floors.

  WPC vinyl flooring is very durable and famous for its gorgeous, lifelike aesthetics. With advanced technology, manufacturers are able to beautifully mimic the look of natural wood and stone at a lower price.

  What is WPC flooring?

  WPC vinyl wood flooring and WPC vinyl tile flooring are known for 100% water resistance. This is a luxurious vinyl floor with a special waterproof core that makes it a notch, making it suitable for almost any room in the house.

  WPC is the best vinyl flooring in the world, and is popular among homeowners looking for a traditional hardwood look without maintenance. It is also one of the most popular flooring choices for commercial space and enterprises.

  It is beautiful and easy to maintain. And, as a woman, I can admit - it's not very common

  WPC vinyl floor construction

  WPC waterproof floor usually consists of 4 layers. *

  *May vary by manufacturer.


  This is the pillar of your board.

  WPC core

  This is the main attraction! The WPC floor contains a solid waterproof WPC core. No matter how much liquid you use, it will not ripple, swell or peel.

  Printed vinyl base

  Here, you can get beautiful photo images that make vinyl look (almost) the same as natural materials such as stone and wood. Generally, WPC vinyl flooring is the highest quality vinyl on the market. This means that you will see that the most realistic look people swear to be is real wood / stone!

  Wear resistant layer

  Just like the traditional vinyl, the wear-resistant layer is like a bodyguard. It helps to protect the floor from dents, scratches, etc. The thicker the wear-resistant layer, your bodybuilder's buffer is OK?

  WPC interior flooring is known for its polished, strong abrasion resistant finish, which provides more protection. When you look at vinyl base boards, it's equally important, if not more, to consider the thickness of the wear layer as the thickness of the board.

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