What kind of floor is suitable for office use? SPC vinyl flooring is recommended

  The office belongs to the place of the Communist Party of China, with a large flow of people. The durability and soundproofness of the floor are very important. Moreover, it is easy to clean, free of pollution (formaldehyde) and easy to maintain. Another is that at present, many offices choose to lay wood floors, so the range of floor selection is very small.

  Recommended for office use is SPC floor, a new type of light decorative floor, wear-resistant, waterproof, fireproof and other properties, very suitable for office use. The following kingup SPC vinyl flooring supplier will give you a price introduction about why SPC vinyl flooring is suitable for office pavement.

  SPC vinyl flooring is strong and durable

  Why SPC floor is durable? First of all, we need to understand the composition of SPC floor. SPC floor is made of resin and calcium powder by one-time extrusion at high temperature. SPC floor is composed of floor base material layer, color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer. Because it is made by one-time extrusion, its performance is more stable. The surface wear-resistant layer can meet the wear of tens of thousands of revolutions without damage. Generally, it can reach 10-15 years for commercial use Service life of.

  SPC vinyl floor has good sound absorption effect

  The bottom layer of SPC floor is attached with IXPE layer, which can absorb the noise very well, and the foot feeling is also very good.

  SPC vinyl floor is easy to clean and maintain

  UV layer on the surface of SPC floor is mainly antifouling, which isolates the surface stains and bacteria from entering the floor layer, never achieving the function of easy cleaning. SPC floor maintenance is also very convenient, as long as it is cleaned regularly, do not use sharp objects to scratch at ordinary times.

  There are many styles of SPC vinyl floor

  SPC styles can be roughly divided into three types: common wood pattern, stone pattern and carpet pattern. The simulation effect is very realistic, with hundreds of colors, which can meet various decoration styles

  SPC vinyl floor is very popular all over the world. At present, its popularity is also very high. What's important is that the cost of SPC floor is relatively low compared with other types of floor. It's convenient to install, and what's more, it's free of any pollution. It's very suitable for use and installation in office.

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