What kind of flooring materials should be used in the construction of shopping malls and supermarkets?

  Shopping malls and supermarkets play a very important role in our daily life, and selecting materials in the decoration design process of shopping malls and supermarkets is also a very important link. Especially the selection of floor materials is very important, so how to choose the floor materials of the supermarket?

  Beautiful and elegant style

  As a shopping gathering place for the outside world, in addition to goods, creating a good environment is very important. In addition to the decoration style, the ground is one of the most important impressions for customers, showing whether the mall environment is beautiful, clean and tidy. The floor worked well. So when choosing a floor, style and color are particularly important.

  Abrasion and durability

  The daily flow of passengers in the supermarket is very large, and the ground will be under great pressure. People step on it, trolleys, cleaning cars, etc. This requires the floor to have good abrasion resistance. If it does not meet the standard, a lot of it will appear later. Problems also increase various costs.

  Easy to clean

  Because there are more people and the environment is more complicated, the pollution of the ground will also be very large, and continuous cleaning is needed. The easy-to-clean ground will undoubtedly provide great convenience for cleaning the Dalai Lama and save human resources.

  Good safety performance

  Supermarkets must pay attention to this when choosing floor materials, and risk factors such as slipping must be paid attention to when choosing flooring.

  Economic performance

  Price is also one of the first considerations for many supermarkets and malls when choosing flooring materials. If they can achieve cost savings in ensuring various properties, it is also a very good choice for operators.

  Here, I recommend a floor for mall and supermarket operators: spc vinyl flooring. This kind of flooring has all the advantages mentioned above, as well as environmental protection and pollution-free, and easier maintenance and repair. It is the floor decoration material for supermarkets and malls. The only choice.

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