What kinds of wooden floor are there? How to choose wooden floor?

  The wooden floor is made of natural wood materials, and others have unique texture and texture, catering to the modern people's psychology of returning to nature and pursuing simplicity. What are the types of wooden floor? How do you choose wooden floor? SPC flooring manufacturer emmanson explains the differences in detail

  What are the types of wooden floor?

  Wood floor, if divided by structure and materials, can be roughly divided into five categories: solid wood floor, solid wood composite floor, laminate floor, bamboo floor and cork floor.

  Solid wood floor is formed by drying and processing natural wood, also known as log floor.

  Advantages: natural texture; environmental protection; warm in winter and cool in summer, good touch, good elasticity; good sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation performance; can be renovated.

  Disadvantages: the price of solid wood floor is expensive, it is not wear-resistant and easy to lose luster; it is not suitable in the environment with large humidity change; it is afraid of acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion and burning.

  Suitable for laying: bedroom, living room, study, etc.

  Solid wood composite floor

  The high-quality solid wood sawing plane is cut into a single surface plate, a core plate and a bottom plate, and then the three kinds of single plates are pasted with glue according to the vertical, horizontal and vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, and pressed into a plate under high temperature, which is divided into three layers and multi layers.

  The top layer of three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of high-quality precious wood flakes, and the middle and bottom layers are made of fast-growing wood by hot pressing with glue.

  The multi-layer solid wood composite floor is based on multi-layer plywood, and the surface layer is hardwood panel or planed veneer, which is made by hot pressing with glue.

  Advantages: natural and beautiful, comfortable feet; wear-resistant, heat-resistant, impact resistant; flame retardant, mildew proof, moth proof; sound insulation, heat preservation; not easy to deform; easy to lay.

  Disadvantages: in use, attention should be paid to maintenance.

  Suitable for laying: bedroom, living room, study, etc. In geothermal environment, multi-layer solid wood floor has strong heat resistance and is not easy to deform. Therefore, if it is geothermal floor, we must choose multi-layer solid wood composite floor.

  Laminate flooring, also known as impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, consists of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density base material layer and balanced (moisture-proof) layer.

  Advantages: wide range of price selection, wide range of application; many varieties of designs; good pollution resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, easy maintenance; good anti-skid performance; wear resistance, anti-bacterial, no moth, mildew; not affected by temperature and humidity deformation; good fire performance; light weight, reduce the load of the building; easy to lay.

  Disadvantages: the foot feel is not as good as the solid wood floor; the repairability is poor.

  Suitable places for laying: ordinary houses and public places.

  Bamboo floor is made by splicing bamboo board with adhesive and applying high temperature and high pressure.

  Advantages: fresh and elegant style, good decoration effect; small color difference; warm in winter and cool in summer; environmental protection and pollution-free; moth proof and mildew proof.

  Disadvantages: it is easy to deform with the change of climate and humidity.

  Suitable places for laying: ordinary residence, hotel, office building, etc.

  Cork floor cork is an oak growing in the Mediterranean coast and Qinling region of China, and the raw material of cork products is the bark of oak. Cork floor is made of this kind of material.

  Advantages: good elasticity and antiskid; good thermal insulation and comfortable foot feel; good sound insulation, which can absorb the living noise and create a quiet living environment; the design is more personalized.

  Disadvantages: high price, immature market.

  Suitable places for laying: bedroom, meeting room, library, recording studio and other places.

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